The new BMW M2 have been road-tested by critics and apparently, they had more positives things to say than negatives ones. The car is the successor of one of the most well-like cars from the german manufacturer, the 1 Series M Coupe.

The M2 was underestimated for its lukewarm reception given what the previous series have revealed, but critics said that this time BMW knows exactly what made the 1 Series M Coupe so special, and have created a worthy successor.

Software-governed launches, drifts and burnouts are among the party tricks from the lightest, lithest BMW M car to date. Credits: Cars Guide

A score of 4 out 5 stars was given to the M2 by Motor Trend, adding that the reviewer, Jason Cammisa, will definitely buy the car. He does not only said that he would buy it, but that those are the most surprising words he has typed about a BMW product since he drove the 1 Series M Coupe.

Cammisa said that one of the reasons he would buy it is for his “enjoyable” normal driving and because it was an absolutely perfectly sorted sports car when the user is caning it.

“The speeds were high, they came easy, and the grin was unrelenting. Lapping at a playful pace with lots of room for silliness, the M2 is happy to join in the fun, with on-call oversteer on the way into or out of a corner,” Cammisa said.

The Michelins break away smoothly and slowly, he added, and howl just enough to make up for what the electrically assisted steering lacks for feedback at the limit.

Others critics agree that the car is a marvelous track toy and do not reveal any complaint from the car in that environment. If users actually decide to buy the car, drive it to, on and from race tracks, said Jon Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of PC World.

Beyond that, he suggested keeping it garaged in the most pristine condition possible. 50 years from now, when the rest of America has abandoned automobiles for road-going gondolas, the user will have one of the history’s most fun cars, Phillips added.

The car will start at $52,695. The M2 is actually cheaper than the M4 coupe, $14,000 cheaper. It will have a production run from 2015 to 2020, according to a source from PC World.

His predecessor

The 1 Series M Coupe is a rare car to spot in the U.S, due to BMW’s lack of faith in the sales when launched. At the time, product planners did not think it would sell. They requested only a few hundred units for the U.S market.

It surprised everyone by its success and planners found themselves begging the factories for excess production once the car moved enthusiastic crowds, all excited for owning a Coupe. They only sold 739 nationwide and now they are impossible to find even used.

Source: Motor Trend