The king of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, on Wednesday was called out by thousands of Thai protesters to give up control of a royal fortune that is worth tens of billions of dollars. Thai protesters actually broke the country’s laws by confronting their monarch, and this may cause 15-year imprisonment for the protest leaders, NY Post reports.

18,000 Thai Citizens Protest Against Their King’s Wealth and Monarchy

Outside the Siam Commercial Bank was used by the protesters as a demonstration ground for the protest. The king is the largest shareholder in the bank with over $2.3 billion worth of shares. According to a protest banner, “The people demand back national assets from the king”. Parit Chiwarak, one of the demonstrators, said poor citizens should not pay taxes to just one family, so they could spend it lavishly.

One protester said the bank’s shares are supposed to belong to the country and for national development, and not just to the king. The 15 years imprisonment charge that awaits the protest leaders was frowned upon by international human rights groups.

The protesters are making three demands which are: resignation of the prime minister and the members of his cabinet; re-drafting of the nation’s constitution; and that the monarch’s power should be restricted.

The police and other security officials visited high schools within the area and asked for students who were part of the protests. It is also believed that the schools are cooperating with the authorities to exert force on the students to surrender themselves.