On Saturday morning, 1,800 women showed up to collaborate with a known photographer as they stood naked, with mirrors over their heads, to protest against hate toward women spread by the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Spencer Tunick is the photographer behind the 1,800 naked woman in Mexico City and the 7,000 naked men and women in Barcelona. Tunick portrays art using human bodies in different positions and landscapes to transmit a message.

Photo shoot
On Saturday morning, 1,800 women showed up to collaborate with photographer Spencer Tunick as they stood naked with mirrors over their heads, to protest against Trump.

On this occasion, Tunick picked a controversial place for the nude shooting. 100 women took off their clothes right in the location where this year’s Republican National Convention will take place.

The Quicken Loans Arena, in Cleveland Ohio, will be the place where Republican delegates will gather to choose the President and Vice President nominees for the 2016 national elections. Controversy is expected from candidate Donald Trump.

This shoot was Tunick’s first political photo shoot since he tends to use his photographs to express more artistic views of life. Nonetheless, the photographer had been planning to portray something like this for a long time.

An artistic view of politics

Under the name of “Everything She Says Means Everything,” Tunick posted a casting for an underground photo shoot in Cleveland, where public nudity is a crime. The shoot only needed 100 women to pose, but 1,800 showed up overwhelming Tunick, who thanked the participants for making his art possible.

The shooting aimed to reflect the wisdom and knowledge of current women by using a “mother nature” aspect against the urban landscape. Tunick wanted to show, just how strong and sacred women are.

The concept of the shooting wanted to express how women rely on strength, intuition and wisdom and their evolution in history throughout the years. As they bashed Trump’s statements of women, that have been categorized as misogynists.

The concept was thought back in 2013, to express rejection to Republican decisions such as the Planned Parenthood scandal, among other things. Nonetheless, Tunick assures he always knew the Republican candidate would be a “nut job.”

Police choppers were flying over the location, as Tunick’s team who traveled voluntarily from different places to participate, helped the photographer with the shooting. Vice reports Tunick kept concentrated thanks to his mantra “Calm, Focus, Tight.”

Meanwhile women of all races, ages, body types and origins stripped down their clothes, grabbed a circle mirror and stood there holding the piece over their heads as they were photographed against Trump.

Many of the women on the shooting assured they were there to protest against Trump’s candidacy and views. Mothers, daughters, and friends stood together holding mirrors over their heads to express themselves.

The photograph book will be revealed a few weeks before the presidential election on November 8.

Source: Vice