Atlanta is one of the most fascinating and historical places in the world. The city is not only renowned for its landmarks and monuments, but it is also famous for its food and its astounding beauty. Every day thousands of tourists come to Atlanta to explore the fun and excitement within the landmarks. Moreover, people also love to visit Atlanta because of its affordable rates on various things, and there are also certain places where you can enjoy yourselves completely for free. So here are few names of tourist attractions which are completely free for visitants:

10 Top-Rated & Free Tourist Attractions in Atlanta!

Atlanta BeltLine

Surrounded by trees, flowers, and graffiti, Atlanta BeltLine also offers visitors to walk on its road. As the BeltLine is extended over a long route, people prefer cycling too and spend time with their loved ones. Even though you have kids, you can still capture photos and make it a moment. It is also a romantic spot for lovers, sitting under the setting sun in the afternoon and eating sandwiches or drinking juice, it can be your best date and the most reasonable date ever too.

Jackson Street Bridge

Are you a photographer? Do you love to capture amazing moments? If yes, then heading to the Jackson Street Bridge should be on top of your list. It has an iconic view of the skyline, and with the traffic going by, the photograph becomes more professional too. It may be day or night, your photograph is not going to affect because at every time you can get a different scenario to be seen. At night with all the lights, the image looks glamorous, and in the morning while sunrise, the image looks glorious. Even a family person can visit this bridge and experience a lively scenario.

Shoot the Hooch

Summers and waters are a perfect combination, and when it comes to swimming, the thrill and the excitement becomes more intense, and when it comes to shooting the Hooch, the level of excitement reaches infinity. If you have your boat, then jump in the Chattahoochee River and enjoy your ride amongst the calm waters. Also, the parking is free too, so your whole day’s journey can be free if you own a boat. Even if you do not, you can buy it from there only, I am sure the prices would be very reasonable.

Centennial Olympic Park

After the 1996 Olympics Game, the Centennial Olympic Park became very popular amongst the tourists. The park contains Fountain of Rings, which is quite impressive, and you should never miss it while you are visiting Atlanta. There are also many competitions or events which are held in this park, sometimes children who take private violin lessons in Atlanta, have their music competition, and other thousands of events. The exuberance around the park is just astounding, and it is memorable too.

Piedmont Park

Constructed over a 185-acre land, this park contains endless fun. Go for a run, walk, cycle, have a picnic, play games, and so on. Either you have your family with you or your kids, the park is open for all, and is also completely free. You can spend quality time with your family, and have a chit-chat with them. This not only enhances the relationship, but it also improves our character too. However, if you are a photographer, over a 185-acre land, you can get anything to shoot, so do not worry at all. If you have your life partner with you, then have a walk with him or her and make these moments special and unforgettable.

Krog Tunnel

Though you can find graffiti everywhere in Atlanta, but the work in the Krog Tunnel is far more impressing than the others. Enjoy the artistic side of Atlanta, and take photos and post it on social media. The walk will be rewarding too, as just after a few miles, you can find a market where you can see the vendors and other extensive shops. If you are a shopaholic, then go shopping in this market and buy your favorite items at a discounted rate.

Amicalola Falls

It is one of the best day trips of Atlanta. Stunning scenery, Mother Nature spread all over, a beautiful waterfall, a hiking trail, etc. The waterfall is the most popular part of this place. This type of waterfall can be found nowhere, the fragrance of the water and the coolness of the lake, is quite comforting too. Parking is just for $5, and you can spend your entire day by enjoying the waterfall.

Georgian Terrace Hotel

The Georgian Terrace Hotel has an artistic architecture, and due to this many Hollywood movies have been shot over here. The architecture is also very royal, which provides the bride and groom for a perfect wedding portrait too. The best part of this place is that it is free, so you can spend some time with your family while getting amazed by the design of the building.

Oakland Cemetery

A home for some of the most famous deceased people and also a historical site. Though it is not a romantic place, but you can have a stroll in the Oakland Cemetery and can remember the renowned names over there. Many photographers also visit this cemetery for portraits and other purposes.

Hike Stone Mountain

Pay for the parking and experience this magnificent view from the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain contains the view of the entire city, so photographers get ready to click some pictures, and social media addicts get your phones ready to capture a superb picture for a superb post. Moreover, many special passes allow you to ride the Skyride and enjoy the laser show.

So these were a few of many free places. Though these places are completely free, this does not mean that there are no standards, these places are the same beautiful than those who have a fee charged to them. Keep calm and enjoy yourselves in Atlanta!