YouTube has recently updated its mobile app to allow certain smartphones to reproduce the High Dynamic Range (HDR) video playback capability. Among the smartphones that have this feature are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.

The HDR picture technology was available for TVs only. However, now smartphones are being manufactured to have the HDR video playback capability. YouTube joins now Netflix and Prime video as sources to find HRD content.

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Which smartphones have HDR support?

The Galaxy Note 7 was the first smartphone from Samsung to gain the ability to reproduce the HDR video playback; however, the problems this phone had, are widely known. Months ago, Samsung introduced this feature in the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Tab S3. Other phones that are capable of reproducing this technology are the Google Pixel, the LG V30, and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Smartphone companies are always trying to find a way to introduce better features for their demanding customers to enjoy, so it wouldn’t be crazy to expect that from now on. The smartphones will introduce this kind of technology to see better quality videos, especially now that this is a new feature in the YouTube’s mobile app.

YouTube is the world’s largest provider of videos. In November 2016, the company launched the HDR option for smart TVs. Now the owners of the smartphones above will be able to watch the content already available for the owners of smart TV on YouTube for an enhanced color, brightness, and contrast.

The high-dynamic range allows people to see a remarkably better contrast between light and dark frames for a bright and more real image.

Image credit: Mystery Box / Youtube / Cinema5D
Image credit: Mystery Box / Youtube / Cinema5D

HDR content is not that easy to find yet

Though the HDR technology is getting popular, the HDR content is still hard to find. However, the difference is quite noticeable, and it is definitely worthwhile. In YouTube, the amount of HDR content is growing little by little. As well, more cameras are launch in the market with the capability of capturing HDR. Other services, such as Netflix, haven’t offer HDR content for smartphones yet unless users subscribe to Netflix’s top-tier, $12-a-month 4K streaming plan. That being the case, then this HDR option is only available for the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, Xperia ZX Premium, and Xperia XZ1.

The quality of the HDR experience in mobiles will depend on the data speeds available in a given location and time, as well, it will rely on the quality of the screen. To use this feature, users have to update their youtube’s mobile apps. Then they have to tap the playback settings menu to see the HDR options in resolutions up to 1,440p. Once this version is upgraded in phones that have this capability, there is no way to switch it back.

Some users have reported shuttering videos, and that battery drains quickly when using this HDR content. YouTube said it is already working to fix those little issues; as well, it collaborates with companies to bring HDR playback to more devices

Source: Digital Trends