CBD oil seems to be everywhere nowadays! All across the UK, we’re seeing adults discover the amazing health benefits of this naturally occurring substance. Free from the psychoactive elements of THC, CBD instead purely provides an impressive range of positive effects. It’s increasingly important in sports and amongst elite athletes and is working its way into our health system in the battle against a range of mental and physical symptoms and afflictions.

You’re Doing it Wrong: Why Vaping CBD is Better for You

So, you want to enjoy those benefits too – good on you. But how to do it? In our educated opinion, vaping CBD e-liquid is by far the best way to go. Here’s a few words on why.

The key benefits of CBD

Let’s put a few paragraphs in first on just why CBD oil is so beneficial. Found naturally in cannabis plants, CBD is one of two main compounds in cannabis – the other being THC. THC is the part of cannabis which contains the psychoactive element; it produces the high that recreational smokers enjoy. CBD does none of that; pure CBD e-liquid has no effect on your cognitive functions and is instead purely respected for its medicinal benefits.

And that list of benefits is impressive indeed. Studies and research performed in the UK and overseas is increasing the list every day. At the moment, we know that CBD is powerful in helping cancer patients alleviate their symptoms. It’s able to help minimise seizures in those who suffer from them regularly in many cases, and it’s showing real promise as a way to help muscle fatigue and recovery. Want more? It’s even being recognised as a way to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

What effects do CBD and CBD e-liquid have?

Although CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive element whatsoever, it still provides gentle mental effects on the user. Most people who consume CBD report gentle sensations of calm and an alleviation of anxiety and physical pain. It’s also found to help people suffering from insomnia. Interestingly, CBD e-liquid and oil is also found to improve alertness when consumed in small quantities – the opposite being true when consumed in larger amounts.

So why is vaping such a great way to consume CBD?

Let’s look at a few key reported benefits of vaping CBD by using CBD e-liquid. These are common findings reported by users of CBD e-liquid.

It’s easier to consume and tastes better: A practical point to start on! Smoking isn’t for everyone and it’s known to have serious negative side effects. CBD e-liquid, by comparison, is remarkably easy to consume – even for a non-smoker. The clouds created from e-cigs and vaporisers are gentle on the lungs for a user of any age and smoking history, making it much more accessible for adults who simply wish to consume CBD for specific health reasons.

It can be a substitute for smoking: Many adults in the UK try to kick smoking each year, and the act of CBD vaping via CBD e-liquid is a similar physical process and sensation. This can help adults in the UK to wean themselves off nicotine and smoking while still enjoying the ritual and experience of a similar act – an important psychological benefit that can make quitting the cigs for good easier to handle.

It’s faster than other methods: Other popular methods of CBD consumption such as CBD tinctures can take as much as two hours to kick in. CBD e-liquids consumed by a vape, by comparison, acts much faster and in a more decisive manner.

This can be a real benefit for someone who is seeking a hit of the health benefits provided by CBD e-liquid but needs to do it on a quick time-frame such as a lunch break or commute.

Convenience is king

CBD oil is increasingly popular in part because it can alleviate stress and anxiety in adults, and any method of consumption that helps people to access those benefits more easily throughout the day is something worth talking about.

We love the fact that quick methods of consumption of CBD like using a vape make it possible to enjoy the positives when you need them. Instead of having to rely tinctures which can take up to two hours to start showing effects, a vape can quickly and discreetly be used when you have the need. Anxiety starting to hit you during the day? Don’t worry; you can take a short break and find a quiet place to vape your CBD e-liquid. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling the soothing and alleviating feeling upon consumption, hopefully helping you to manage that negative symptom that can bring your wellbeing and mental health down on short notice.