The United States presidential elections of 2016 are scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, and since February 1 of the current year, the primary elections are taking place among the 50 states of the country.

Republican and Democratic parties are seeking to win delegates in each one of the states to take their party to the nomination for the presidency. Right now New York is playing a key role in the shaping of this election.

NY voters will reach the polls on Tuesday 19th and as for, right now, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton- both front runners on the election process- will need a victory in the state since they have faced recent disappointments in the numbers.

The United States presidential elections of 2016 are scheduled for Tuesday, November 8. Photo credit: Bloomberg / AFP / Telegraph
The United States presidential elections of 2016 are scheduled for Tuesday, November 8. Photo credit: Bloomberg / AFP / Telegraph

Democratic primaries

The Democratic Party for the 2016 election is front rowed by Hillary Clinton and candidate Bernie Sanders Vermont.

Clinton has currently 1,307 delegates and 469 superdelegates while Sanders has 1,094 delegates and 31 superdelegates. The democratic party needs 2,383 delegates to win the nomination for the presidential election.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also served in the U.S Senate and used to be the First Lady of the United States during Bill Clinton’s serving. She has gained the title as the first democrat to announce a major candidacy for the presidency in a video message.

Some of Clinton’s fight causes are:      

  • Child care
  • Equal gender pay
  • Background check on gun purchases
  • Fair share in taxes
  • Equal citizenship for immigration reforms
  • Solar panel energy

Yet Clinton is facing a strong candidate for the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders who made a formal announcement for the party on April 30, 2015.  Sanders is a politician and is also the junior United States senator from Vermont and used to serve as chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. The candidate has labeled himself as a democratic socialist and fights for causes such as:

  • Economic Equality
  • LGBT rights
  • Parental leave
  • Income and wealth equality
  • Free college tuition
  • Living wage
  • Combating climate change

GOP primaries

The Republican party for the 2016 election is front rowed by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Even though the candidates are not that far from each other in numbers, candidate Trump has generated a lot of controversy in the primary elections.

Donald Trump has as for know, 743 delegates while Ted Cruz has 529 delegates for election. The party needs 1,237 delegates to win the nomination.

Trump has obtained an increasing number in the polls and if hi maintains his current level of support in the remaining races he could win delegate majority and even though Ted Cruz’s numbers are almost near Trump’s it’s a tight race.

Donald Trump is a New York businessman, most known for  owning Trump Organizations and Trump Entertainment Resorts. Some of the causes he defends are:

  • Negotiation on Trade war
  • Politics to avoid immigrants in the country
  • Law enforcement respect
  • Strong leadership
  • Creation of strong borders to stop drug epidemic
  • Strong military
  • Protection of the 2nd Amendment

Ted Cruz is a politician and junior United States Senator from Texas and was a domestic policy advisor to president George W. Bush in 2000. The candidate defends causes such as:

  • Defending the constitution
  • 2nd amendment rights
  • Secure the border
  • Defend the nation
  • Standing with Israel
  • Religious liberty

Each one of the parties is still facing races throughout the states to win more delegates for their party and face candidate election in November 2016.

Source: CNN