Fall River – Local families enjoyed unique educational events on Saturday at the YMCA Southcoast’s annual Healthy Kids Day. The event consists of fun, free events to encourage healthy activities for kids and promote a healthy lifestyle. The initiative also allows the Y to reach out families about their garden program and summer programs such as the boy scouts and Loop It Up.

Dozens of joyful kids took part in a bouncy obstacle course and rock-climbing slide, which was sponsored by St. Anne’s Hospital. The event included an inflatable toy called Jake the Snake in the YMCA’s pool.

On Saturday, people enjoyed the annual YMCA Healthy Kids Day which consists of fun, free events to encourage a healthy lifestyle for kids. Credit: YMCA.org

YMCA Wellness Director Emily Bird said the toy challenged the kids to climb on it “because you really have to get your whole body to get up on it”, Wicked reported.

“It’s just a day for everyone in the community to come in and just have fun,” said Bird. “The purpose is just to show the community what we offer here at the YMCA, and just to have fun day where the kids can just be kids and run around and let their energy out in a safe and fun environment”, she added.

A healthy lifestyle can be fun 

Kids got to make their own flower pots and play in the Lego room, located on the fourth floor of the Educational Achievement Center. Community vendors associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield offered free pedometers and a representative of St. Anne’s Hospital was in charge of a nutrition education station.

Board Member Molly Lieberman said the event was intended to bring families in the community together so they can enjoy doing dynamic activities. She taught kids how to prepare at home the food that was available at the Y.

More information about the Y’s youth programs can be found here and the West Broad YMCA can be reached during usual business hours at 912-233-1951.

Source: Daily Herald