Rogersville, Tennessee – Carlie Trent was signed off her elementary school by her uncle Gary Simpson who is 57 years old. The man has been accused of alleged kidnapping Carlie after police officers reported an Amber Alert.

Gary Simpson is Carlie Trent’s uncle by marriage. He used to have Trent’s custody and her sister’s before the girls were returned to James Trent, their biological father.

Carlie Trent was last seen with his uncle Gary Simpson after the 9-year-old was signed off her elementary school. Authorities are working to find the main suspect, who is Carlie's uncle by marriage. Image Credit: WJHL
Carlie Trent was last seen with his uncle Gary Simpson after the 9-year-old was signed off her elementary school in Rogersville, Tennessee. Authorities are working to find the main suspect, who is Carlie’s uncle by marriage. Image Credit: WJHL

After signing the girl out of Rogersville elementary school on May 4, the pair has not been seen. Authorities are keeping track of the last sightings of Gary Simpson, including a local Wal-Mart and convenience stores. It is believed Simpson took Carlie Trent into an isolated location.

Josh DeVine, Tennessee’s Bureau of Investigation  held a press conference to inform about the investigation on the case. DeVine believes that Gary Simpson intended to essentially get out of sight.

DeVine’s belief comes after a surveillance video came up that showed Simpson and Carlie Trent  at a local convenience store buying camping gear.

On-going investigation considers both girls being kidnapped

According to official information Sympson told teachers at the Rogersville elementary school that Carlie’s father James Trent had been in a car accident and he needed to get the child, even Though Sympson had no authority over Carlie Trent.

Police officers say the girl is currently in “imminent danger” while investigating a possible motive for the kidnapping.

Before going missing Simpson stopped at a local Wal-Mart to purchase several items that included: A girl’s zebra-striped swimsuit,  a pink zebra blanket, and a 12 pack of girl’s underwear. In addition, Simpson also bought two pair of girls pants, a pink camping chair, a child’s nightgown, a man’s short, lip-glosses and nail polish.

In the surveillance video uploaded by officials, Gary Simpson is showed buying non-perishable food along with camping gear. Carlie is seen in the video standing while her uncle bags and purchase the food.

In the video the nine year old is shown calmed and awaiting. Josh Devine assured this behavior was due to the relationship she had developed with her uncle when he had custody of her and her little sister.

“There’s reason to believe she trusted him to some extent,” said DeVine to People Magazine.

Meanwhile Carlie’s father hopes her daughter is in no danger while he copes with the fact he’s daughter is missing.

“I have to be strong for my other daughter and for Carlie. But as the days keep passing it get’s harder,” said Trent to Dateline.

Dr. Chris Calendine, Carlie’s pediatrician has offered a $10,000 reward for information that could lead police officers to the young girl location. On Friday, the U.S Marshal’s Service offered a $2.500 reward for information as well.

Police officers are hoping sightings of the pair will get them closer to their location, since they might be outside of the state by now. Simpson was seen driving a white 2002 Dodge Van registered under the number 173 GPS, the suspect is described as five feet, 10 inches tall, weighing around 157 pounds with brown balding hair and brown eyes.

Carlie Trent is four feet and eight inches tall weighing around 75 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. Any helpful information about the pair’s whereabouts could lead authorities to find them.

Police officers encourage anyone that has seen the pair of girls to contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at the 1-800-TBI-FIND

Source: TBI News