Many protests across the United States took place after it was said that Donald Trump had been elected as the constitutional President of the nation. Following his inauguration, dozens of citizens gathered in the streets of different cities to hold what’s known as the Women’s March. The movement was so significant that the American people decided to return and raise their voices again this Saturday. This, to support a campaign that’s asking for a social change not only in America but around the world.

As experts have said, the female support has impressively grown across the nation. This makes them think this year’s Women’s March is going to impress everyone. However, not as much as the one held on last year, which gathered around 5 million of marchers.

People from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, which seek for funds to support women who have been victims of sexual harassments across different industries, have also agreed to attend this event and to offer information about the options people have if they encounter themselves in similar situations.

The march is also a few months before the midterm elections in the United States, in which female activists are hoping to show the country at the ballot box how much support they’ve gathered, and the number of people who also believe America needs a social change.

Largest rallies in the US, Women's March reuniting thousands on Saturday, Government's shutdown
Around 5 million people assisted to last year Women’s March. Image credit: WireImage

In Washington, the city where thousands of people wore pink last year to show the recently-elected US President Donald Trump that they didn’t support him, Heather Tucci commented that she was not going to stay apart and maintain her mouth closed.

“Before Trump, I was content to sit back and watch the government just go by me, now I’m not,” Tucci, from Harford County, Maryland, told CNN. “It is dire that we do something because it is just ridiculous what is happening to this country, what people think about us around the world and just undermining the basic fundamentals of humanity and the constitution and what democracy should stand for.”

It is to remind the comments Donald Trump made before he was elected president. As previously reported, Trump said in a private reunion that men should “grab” women by their female genitals. This made people also to wear what they named as the “pussy hats.”

Women expecting women to run office

Kelley Robinson, Planned Parenthood’s national organizing director, also said that it was “nothing new” that women stayed out of the elections. However, she commented that many of the women who attended last year’s march are today planning to run for office themselves.

It’s a time for a new change, as Robinson commented. According to her, people believe that women “need to be sitting in those chairs.” Then, she added that females who were leaving the country last year, just like others who were marching, are now “sitting in state legislatures across” the US. She claimed this is a “powerful moment” for the nation.

The city of the White House was not the only that saw rallies taking the streets on last year. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and about 250 other cities, also held mass protests that left a mark at the beginning of the new President’s term.

Largest rallies in the US, Women's March reuniting thousands on Saturday, Government's shutdown
A woman asking for her rights in Washington. Image credit: Alanna Vagianos/The Huffington Post

Likewise, people in other countries also protested and showed their support – like Britain and Japan.

As the rally organizer Emily Patton said to thousands of demonstrators at the Reflecting Pool on Washington’s National Mall., the citizens need the make their message be heard “at the polls this fall.” Then, she added that’s the reason why the organizers are “urging people to register to vote today.”

This march is also being held just after the authorities announced the government’s shutdown.

The shutdown is not interfering

Both Parties have blamed the other. As President Trump said, everything is the Dems’ fault, but some people believe it’s his responsibility. But for Virginia’s Senator Tim Kaine, this was actually due to the Republican Party. Kaine said that the “Trump shutdown” is due to the “inability of the Republican Party to do basic governing, like making a budget.”

Although the Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending measure, people have stayed focus on the rallies.

The march held on Jan. 21, 2017, gathered an estimated of 5 million people – making it one of the largest mass movement in American history. This year, in New York, 37,000 people have signed up on the movement’s Facebook page.

Largest rallies in the US, Women's March reuniting thousands on Saturday, Government's shutdown
Female icons from the entertainment were used in the rallies. Image credit: Broadly Vice

In Chicago, last year, 250,000 citizens encountered in Grant Park, and carried signs that read “Strong women raising strong women” and “You can’t cure stupid, but you can vote it out,” as Reuters informed.

According to Michelle Saunders – 41, a software saleswoman from Des Plaines, Illinois – this year’s protests will not gather as many people as last year’s.

“A smaller crowd will not mean people are any less angry,” Michelle Saunders said. “We are unhappy with the current administration and what it stands for and want our voices to be heard.”

Source: CNN