Windows 10 users can now install update KB 3189866, which fixes several bugs but apparently still does not address some issues. The update upgrades Windows to its 1607 version’s latest build. It is the fifth update released in six weeks.

Users have reported installation problems, mainly due to file corruption. If this occurs, the best course of action is to install the update with a stable internet connection once again by clicking this link. Users must be using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to access the website.

The update upgrades Windows to its 1607 version's latest build. It is the fifth update released in six weeks. Photo credit: FossBytes
The update upgrades Windows to its 1607 version’s latest build. It is the fifth update released in six weeks. Photo credit: FossBytes

New features for Windows 10

Edge, the latest Microsoft browser and younger counterpart to the infamous Internet Explorer, can now accept extensions such as Adblock Plus and Evernote. Although Chrome, the leading web browser for Windows, and its competitors have a wider array of available extensions, it’s still nice to know that users that chose to run Edge can now enjoy content and tools from other developers.

A parallel Anniversary Update has been released for mobile, corresponding to build 14393.189. Users can download it by tapping Settings, Phone Update, Check for updates. The Windows 10 Mobile update also fixes several features, including alarm notifications and several camera compatibility issues.

For PC, Windows 10 will have upgraded security functions, mainly in the form of Windows Hello. This new feature allows users to unlock their PC with facial and fingerprint recognition, which allows for not having to deal with passwords or typing whatsoever. Windows Hello can be implemented on several apps available on the Windows Store to offer an additional layer of security.

There’s also the Windows Ink app, which lets the user take notes anywhere on the screen. By clicking a button in the system tray or the one located on a Windows-dedicated stylus, a toolbar will appear that will allow intuitive writing and sketching on several of Windows apps. The user may put sticky notes on the desktop, and the whatever is written can be passed through a text-recognition tool, which in turn will eventually be registered by Window’s digital personal assistant Cortana.

On the other hand, Cortana remained pretty much the same with the Anniversary Update. Users have suggested that they would like additional security features for the personal assistant because it does not recognize its owner’s voice from a stranger’s.

Smartphones, where Cortana is present, can forward text messages and other notifications to the PC desktop while being able to respond or react to them. Users can also send a “ring” command from their PCs to their phones to locate it if it’s missing.

Users still report issues that were not tackled by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It appears that there are bugs when trying to create or rename a shared folder, where an error message will pop up before allowing the user to continue. But Microsoft did fix the problem where if a Kindle were connected to Windows 10, a blue-screen error would occur sometime along the process. There was also a bug where a print command would print the same document twice, which was also fixed by the Anniversary Update.

Source: Softpedia