If you’re looking to reach people, Las Vegas is a great place to do it! In fact, prior to the pandemic, the city attracted more than 42 million tourists, and even in 2020, 19 million people visited Sin City.

Why AREA15 Is an Event Space Like No Other
Sung Shin

The sheer number of people who make a point to visit Vegas makes it a great place to hold your next event. And, we know just where you should hold it. Whether you’re looking for a corporate event space, a wedding venue, or anything in between, AREA15 is one of Nevada’s top venues.

Read on to learn what makes this event space special!

It Offers Conveniences at Every Turn

First things first, AREA15 is located in the heart of Las Vegas, just minutes from the Strip. This makes it easy for guests staying at any of the major hotels to get to the space with ease. There are also more than 900 free parking spots at the venue, so guests who wish to drive themselves won’t have to worry about paying for parking or valet services.

Once you’re inside, there are interactive exhibits like art installations, retail stores, and more, that will appeal to visitors of all ages. There are also delicious eateries like The Beast Food Hall, providing guests with delectable treats throughout the day.

It Includes a Literal Sanctuary

One of the reasons that AREA15 is recognized as the best event space in Nevada is because it makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another world. The 1,900 square foot Sanctuary is a space that boasts live greenery and a unique shape, making it the perfect place for intimate events.

Just imagine dancing your wedding night away under beautiful bamboo sourced from Bali. When you use AREA15 for your wedding event space, that fantasy can become your reality!

You Can Transform the Indoor Event Space to Fit Your Needs

AREA15 includes a 6,500 square foot indoor space that you can customize to fit your unique event. The room comes with built-in projection mapping capabilities, and an audio-visual package so you can host speakers, play videos, and more. This indoor space is ideal for industry conferences, private events, and even public performances.

You Can Take It Outside

In addition to the impressive indoor event spaces, AREA15 also has outdoor venues to fit your needs. Designed to be a “blank slate” of sorts, you can use this 32,000 square foot outdoor venue in nearly any way imaginable. From music festivals to conventions and carnivals, AREA15 can host them all.

Your guests will enjoy Art Island, the living art gallery on the grounds, or perhaps they’ll just soak in the unmatched view of the Vegas skyline. Either way, AREA15 will make your event one remember.

Consider AREA15 for Your Next Las Vegas Event

Now that you know more about what makes AREA15 a unique event space, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use it for your upcoming event! Regardless of what you decide, you can’t go wrong with AREA15.

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