In light of the current jobs climate, employers nationwide are finding themselves in a crisis. There is a record number of candidates currently unemployed, yet millions of job postings remain unfilled. If you take a look around your own neighborhood, you will notice there is no shortage of help-wanted signs, but there appears to be a shortage of workers. We can speculate all day about why this is the case, but wouldn’t it be more helpful to examine what companies can do about it?

Struggling To Find Good Talent? Learn How Recruitment Marketing Can Help

What Is The Dilemma

Over the past two years, the US economy has seen drastic shifts in the workforce. Despite the significant bounceback in the job market since the onset of the pandemic, there remain over 3 million people currently unemployed. Yet, only half of those people are interested in re-entering the workforce, according to The Washington Post. This discrepancy requires talent acquisition teams to find new and innovative strategies to recruit and retain quality talent. Enter recruitment marketing firms.

What Is Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas of human resources technology and its purpose is to tap into every aspect of marketing available in order to engage and interact with potential candidates for employment. Recruitment marketing uses automation and predictive analytics to support talent acquisition teams in using the best avenues for recruiting and retaining qualified talent. Two of the biggest advantages to your company are that utilizing a recruitment marketing service increases your company’s visibility while using your brand to target specific audiences for recruitment. Simply put, they do all the work for you. Everything from creating your company’s career site to outreach strategies, they have tools to help.

How Does It Work

Recruitment marketing is designed to reach a specific candidate profile based on the information provided by the employing agency. Businesses hire a recruitment marketing firm, whose purpose is to listen to the company, find out what they need, and then tailor the marketing campaign to meet those needs. Using storytelling, technology, and innovative strategies, the recruitment marketing firm creates an ideal candidate experience on your behalf.


Storytelling is how recruitment marketing firms help you develop your company’s brand. Your brand is the face of your company and these firms will ask you a series of highly specific questions, such as why someone might want to work for you and create a living platform to attract quality talent.

Developing your brand involves using an authentic narrative to give potential talent an engaging experience that focuses on why your company is better than all the rest. Recruitment marketing firms will help you create your brand by incorporating videos and testimonials into your central marketing platform (career site) to showcase all the benefits that come with working for your company.


Otherwise known as analytics, technology in the form of artificial intelligence is employed to determine just how successful your marketing strategies are. These intuitive analytics will allow the recruitment marketing firm to provide your talent acquisition team with valuable insight by tracking information on your company’s career site, which they can also help you create.

These analytics also determine website functionality and performance and help the TA team determine what methods of marketing are delivering the highest ROI. The recruitment marketing firm compiles this data and quantifies information, which the TA team then uses to determine what’s working and what isn’t.


After working with the recruitment marketing firm to develop your brand and career website, they will assist your company in building your strategy for attracting hard-to-reach candidates. These are the candidates not actively seeking a new job but they prove to be a valuable untapped resource.

They will investigate the current talent pool and employ strategies such as social media marketing, job referral programs, pipelining and follow-up services to continue engaging and authentic interaction, with the goal to reach as many candidates as possible.

Big Takeaway

Recruitment marketing reaches more talent and supports companies every step of the way. A common misconception in the professional world is that recruitment marketing is a steep cost but when you assess the return on investments, the return being your qualified talent, is there such a thing as too great a cost?

Investing your money to recruit and retain qualified talent, as opposed to managing continuous turnover, equates to making your money work for you. Recruitment marketing just might be the solution your company needs in order to come out on top in today’s job market.