Do you sometimes feel like you are affected by power games? The types that seem to want to sabotage your free will? Why is it crucial to act from a powerful place at all times? And what happens when the powers that be do their best to put immense pressure on you, even if you are trying to do your best under the hardest circumstances? In my experience, you should never let control slip out between your fingers.

When You Are Being Controlled, Regain Control
Alexis Fauvet

At times in life, everything really can come together. Like renewing your home, and getting COVID, which makes the construction rubble delivery delayed. And storing it downstairs a bit longer makes the house management and some residents behave quite unpleasantly with you! Everyone has their point of view and their struggles. But in our current society, it can be quite challenging for some of us to stop for a second and just empathize with one another!

We Need to Realize the Consequences of our Power

Why did I write the above example? Because we need to realize that with our power we either help things evolve, damage processes, or hurt people. When we feel out of control because we are somewhat dependent on others. And chances are, many things can be beyond your control when heading down in that downward spiral. So, what can you do when this happens? You should be aware that your power has always been there, and you can take it back anytime.

How to realize your power? By being consciously aware that no one can take away your free will. People might be able to put obstacles in your way, but the main choice will stay yours. These days, people could put bigger amounts of pressure on you to make choices according to what they want. But you should remember your option of free will! Some of the harshest people in your residential community could try to impose their will on you.

Not waiting until you and your worker fully recover from COVID, and ordering an alternative debris delivery for you, just because they cannot wait a couple of more days. On top of that, they are giving you the worst time of your life, blaming you for COVID and all. How well-meaning is that? What’s the lesson in this? On the one hand, not to take up everyone’s pressure like a sponge, on the other, you must ask yourself where the true power lies?

Our Society Can Be Dangerous

Chances are if you have had people in your life who consciously or unconsciously didn’t have your best interest at heart, they pressured you into complying with something you didn’t want. They knew your weakest point and used it against you. And then we tend to think they made us act that way. But the reality is, even though people in power can take away the means of your physical well-being, you still get to keep your mind’s ability to think.

In some situations, some people in power can put so much pressure on you that you will adjust your free will to comply with theirs. And often, no one around you can help you. It is okay to be upset then, and stand up for your rights! But you shouldn’t mistake the pressure put on you by others though with losing your free choice. It is all about making you feel so uncomfortable at times that you are willing to give in!

The Sooner You Get Real, The Better!

If someone like irate people projected a scenario onto you that is not quite the truth, you need to get back to reality as quickly as possible. Why is it pivotal? Because you can only access and act from your power if you are in reality! Our free will also have the capacity to disempower us. This feels like we cannot gather enough strength to become our mind’s enemies. This too can happen in life when we hit rock bottom.

You don’t have to go as far as real-life to see the truth in this. If you just look at playing board games, if you are not willing to accept and prepare for a dangerous move against you, that’s when you can start losing… But the minute you intend to see through the danger, manipulation, power games against you, that’s when you can assume your power back, and create the outcomes that you originally wanted in the given scenario.

Taking an Outer Perspective and Opening New Doors

Sometimes we are so stuck in a rut, waiting for solutions from situations and people who don’t want to make it easy for us. And we forget that we have options. At times, taking a step back, and thinking of alternative ways can lead us to success easier than pushing and trying to open the same troubled doors all over again… So it’s best to surrender to the fact that some people who previously demonstrated the same, won’t be willing to change.

Stop wasting your time on such people and circumstances. You should never give your power away to them. But you can always find new doors to open, which can lead to your happiness! So if you want to regain your power, you need to cut the dead avenues, and think of new roads that could work! The truth is no one else is in control of your energy. You need to direct it towards what’s valuable to you.

As hard as it can be to accept, we also live in a mirroring universe. What this means is that everything we see outside of us reflects our inner world, and possibly the things we still have to improve. And if you feel disempowered by some outer situation, you could have some inner issues you might want to solve. Our conflicts in our universe usually exist within us. What can you do then? You could connect with your inner higher self, asking for a good outcome.

Your Best Overcoming Tactic Could Be…

If you fear you could lose your power against the coronavirus, you need to find that part inside of you that is identical to the coronavirus and align with it. The same goes for any people who give you a hard time, including a narcissistic family member, or house manager. You need to find your inner narcissist, align with it, and accept its existence. The good news is that your external relationships can change relatively fast after you find a remedy for them internally.

Once you decide to deal with such issues internally and take big steps in faith in your outer world, it will dramatically increase your sense of self-worth and multiply your power. So, you should never feel powerless about something in your external world, but if it happens, you can search for it within and become one with it.

When You Place Responsibility Outside of Yourself

When you are lacking unshakable self-confidence, chances are you also live in a state of doubting yourself. If you don’t take full responsibility for your life and always turn to helpers, coaches, and facilitators, in a way you give over your power to them. They can be quite dominant concerning your emotional well-being. So what you need to ask is, how can you gather all that power you have to be your boss in every situation?

How could you turn around a situation where people tried to take away your power? The key is putting yourself out there to take high-level responsibility in all you do, to never being attacked in a way that you cannot withstand! You could also call for the help of the power of your word choice. You should do your best to avoid harmful excuses and self-criticism, as they can take plenty of your power away.

Do What It Takes To Polish Your Confidence

You need to find that vantage point that makes you feel confident about a given situation. If you only find a small spark in it where your power lies, you need to ignite that and pull it on the entire problem. This could be an empowering way to turn around an unpleasant situation.  If you keep practicing this and ask what’s your lesson in all this, keep positive expectations for the outcome, by also seeing everything is going to fall in its place in the end.

We are too focused on negativity, seeing the things that we lack. We might as well replace our negative thoughts with seeing where our abundance lies. We are all great at something, be it teaching, writing, cooking, taking care of others, maintaining friendships and social networks. Try drawing strengths from those things, and don’t take anything for granted. You did your very best then!