You know your habits are bad but are they so bad you need help?

When to Seek Addiction Treatment

Let’s see if numbers convince you all addictions require professional help to treat them. In the USA, over 22 million people need treatment for substance abuse, but less than 1% of them get help annually.

People have the misconception they need to be physically addicted to a substance to get into rehab.

Why should you wait until your bad habits affect your body to take a closer look? Why not treat them the moment they harm your life? When checking-in in a rehabilitation center, you can benefit from a level of treatment that varies from intense hospitalization to independent treatment, you control. Participating in a rehab program is an essential step if you seek recovery from addiction.

However, if you still doubt you need help, here are some telltale signs that prove things have gotten out of your control, and you need professional assistance.

Your health is suffering

Substance addiction is associated with gobs of health issues. The actual abuse of substance dictates the specific ill effects, you experience. For example, if you’re addicted to alcohol, you probably have liver problems and are predisposed to particular cancer types.

Drug abuse takes a toll on your body and mind, and you can experience a range of symptoms that affect your overall health. The physical health consequences can vary from mild to fatal, depending on the drug, amount, and type you take. Also, most substances cause changes in your mental state that ca include psychosis, depression, agitation, or anxiety.

If you notice unwanted changes in how you behave, feel or think, or your physical or mental symptoms are severe, seek help.

You have a mental illness

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that self-medication of a mental health issue is often the main trigger of the initiation and continuation of drug abuse. Most substances alter brain chemistry, and people use them to cope with how they feel, behave, or think. The bad news is substance use can cause or worsen mental health symptoms, and encourage use once the symptoms arise.

Treating a mental health issue and addiction is more complicated than dealing with a condition at the time, and it’s best to seek addiction treatment in Los Angeles. A specialist can identify the underlying disorder and address it adequately.

You’ve been unsuccessful on quitting on your own

Addictions should be treated similarly to any other chronic condition. The difference with substance abuse is that it’s marked by periods of recovery and relapse. You probably tried many different methods to end your use, but they’re not successful if you don’t benefit from the support of a self-help group or don’t enroll in outpatient treatment. They may not even have the intensity your condition requires. An expert would analyze your history with substance abuse and recovery and identify a treatment that fits your needs.

Addiction treatment may be needed if all your past attempts had poor outcomes.