Direct response marketing is one of the major types of modern marketing. The measured response from the customers is elicited by means of a consumer’s direct response to a marketer. Such an approach makes the delivery of a call-to-action and outcome easier thanks to the online/direct interaction, which provokes fast response and feedback.

What is Direct Response Marketing

The essence of direct response marketing (DRM)

DRM is a very useful approach, which allows marketers to understand how their products/services perform. In this case, there is no need to wait for a certain period because the interaction with the customers is almost instantaneous.

There are several elements, which direct response marketing consists of:

  • a proposition
  • detailed information required for customer’s consideration
  • a clearly stated call-to-action
  • options needed to get a response (various methods might be used such as a toll-free number, email or Website).

One of the prominent examples of DRM is TV commercials. The time of response usually varies from 30 seconds to thirty minutes. Such an approach is very effective, for instance, for a home shopping industry. Experts usually tell lots of interesting and useful things about a product motivating people to purchase. The response can be obtained via the Internet or phone.

Consider the key features of DRM:

  • track-ability (a marketer is always aware of the adverts/media channel, which provoked a response)
  • measurability (thanks to the track-ability, it is always possible to evaluate the effectiveness of any advert, thus, you can easily modify your campaign)
  • the usage of compelling headlines and sales copy (the message and headline are always capturing, they attract the attention, the adverts look more like editorials increasing the possibility of views)
  • specific audience/niche targeting (such type of marketing is always directed a very narrow audience, for example, from a definite geographic location)
  • specific offer (the value-packed offers are used not necessarily for sales generation but for getting a free report as well)
  • response-demanding (there is always a call-to-action asking to do something specific)
  • short-term follow-up (the offers are usually limited)
  • follow-up maintaining (there are always customers who do not make an action required, they should keep hearing from a marketer from time to time).

Direct response marketing techniques

There are different ways of DRM application. Let’s observe the most effective of them:

  • Facebook adverts. Advertising/marketing using ad network companies with a large number of people is a good decision to reach your audience. One of the prominent examples of such an approach is e-commerce advertising. For instance, you can see a clear offer with a description of the specific features of a product. Thanks to wide targeting options, it is possible to show ads to exactly your audience.
  • Phased campaigns. It is required to constantly track the actions of your audience. Sometimes it is necessary to pass several stages before a customer will be ready to buy. It is recommended to use LinkedIn to warm up leads. After this, you can use email to send a direct-response offers. Note that a clear call-to-action is a must but it can be changed depending on a stage of your campaign.
  • Refer-a-friend programs. It is a wonderful idea to create a call-to-action, which asks to invite a friend. Such an approach can make your audience much bigger. For such an action, you can offer a free product or something interesting to your customer.
  • Upsells driving. It is much easier to sell the product to the customers who have already purchased from you. For example, you can send them reminder emails every month. It is possible to add the time when the product will be delivered to create a sense of urgency.
  • Traditional method. Not just modern advertising methods are applicable within DRM. You can use traditional mail in order to increase online conversion. Thus, you can easily engage offline customers and make your audience wider.
  • TV commercials. As we have mentioned, it is one of the prominent examples of the DRM application. Such an advertising technique gives lots of helpful information and is characterized by significant social proof. Besides, the customer always sees a call-to-action and a phone number.

Direct response marketing is a good way of promotion and sales generation. It is useful for small businesses with a narrow niche. It is also widely used by famous brands with millions of customers.