As a working IT professional with only the necessary qualifications, you remain one of a crowd! However, if you were to accumulate a few worthwhile certifications, you would manage to give your stagnant career a much-needed boost! At the same time, do not apply for any and every certification! Discover what interests you and find suitable training programs. For instance, many organizations lament that there are not enough professionals with expertise in the cloud. In turn, there is an acute shortage of people experienced in handling AWS too.

What is AWS CLI: Applications and Benefits

If you are keen to enhance your knowledge about the cloud, you might like to sign up for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate program. It’s better that you choose a good program because most of the good programs provide you access to the AWS practice exam as a  part of the overall training package, which can help you immensely.

The Training Program

A clear understanding of the concepts will enable you to plan, design, and scale Amazon Web Services implementations. These implementations are compatible with several cloud computing services.


This course is perfect if you are working as a programmer, DevOps professional, solutions architect, cloud software engineer, or a cloud developer.

Study Methodology

Wherever you enroll for the training program, well-qualified tutors will provide essential guidance. As for study materials, you will have access to all of them. However, you need to decide if you can manage yourself with minimal help, or you would prefer to interact with experts regularly via online classes. The former refers to a self-paced study. The latter refers to blended learning.

The Practice Test

The idea is to enhance self-confidence in writing the real exam. It will happen if you can recognize your pain points and secure areas. The questionnaire covers all aspects that emphasize architectural principles and services. Furthermore, the curriculum remains updated in alignment with current trends. Therefore, if you have studied diligently, you should face no issues while attempting the practice exam.

The mock exam is an imitation of the pattern of the final exam. However, the questions are different from what will appear in the end-of-program test. You will have 80 minutes to answer 60 questions. Every query is in the multiple-choice format. You have the choice of answering the paper at one go or taking a break in between. There is a pause feature on display for this online exam. However, you may not revise your earlier questions-answers, or extend the time remaining for answering the rest of the paper.

Although it is a practice test, you must attain a good score. Otherwise, you may feel jittery about answering the real one. Note that you may re-register and retake the practice exam. However, ensure that your understanding of the concepts is more thorough this time around.

What is AWS CLI and its Applications

CLI is the command-line interface. It refers to a unified tool. You may utilize it to monitor and manage every kind of AWS public cloud service. CLI uses typed commands, which adhere to a particular line. It doesn’t even matter whether you prefer Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. The presence of a local terminal session on your client suffices to get everything going efficiently.

What are the commands that come into play?

If the commands have to be remote, then remote terminals, such as SSH, PuTTY, etc., would be in evidence.

The Windows command prompt or Powershell is the medium for issuing commands in the Windows Command-Line.

Concerning Linux shells, zsh, bash, and tsch, they serve as commands in Unix-, Linux-, and Mac-operating systems.

Benefits of AWS CLI

It is Easy to Install

Installations were a painful process before the advent of AWS CLI. The steps were complicated and not always understandable. Furthermore, they involved the setting up of several environment variables, which made the whole process even more complicated. In comparison, installing AWS CLI is exceptionally straightforward, rapid, and standardized.

It Saves on Time

AWS Management Console is undoubtedly user-friendly. However, it does not behave, as it should always. To illustrate, if you had to seek a specific folder, you would have to log into your account and conduct an elaborate search. AWS CLI only expects the right commands to perform every task speedily.

It Grants Support to Every Amazon Web Service

Unlike its predecessors, the current AWS CLI tool permits you to take charge of all AWS. Thus, you need not experiment with different tools.

It Automates Processes

The best gift that AWS CLI offers is the power of automation! Just bring appropriate scripts into play, and you may take charge of every kind of AWS. In other words, they enable complete automation of the cloud infrastructure.

Safe Practices

You are well aware that the command line interface serves to tackle Amazon Web Services efficiently. However, the users tend to include the good and the bad! Despite all its good intentions, CLI makes it easy for hackers to intrude into private accounts. Therefore, avoid the usage of root accounts for daily interactions. Similarly, do not ever create a root access key for opening your root account. In short, keep your credentials safe.

Similarly, make backup a top priority. Use the automation feature to backup regularly or often. You may take the help of Amazon EBS snapshots. Also, gain knowledge about how to recover your data before an emergency occurs.

AWS and you share equal responsibility while bringing the command line interface into play. AWS is in charge of services and infrastructure. You must take care of your operating system, data, and security.

Keep your applications for private use only. It means permitting app-layer access to the database layer. Outsiders should not intrude until essential to do so.

Finally, trust the Trusted Advisor! It is an expert on customized cloud services. Therefore, it keeps a vigilant eye on the AWS environment. It will help you plug the loopholes in your security system, improve your system’s performance and reliability, and save money.