Disgruntled fans of the New York Knicks have created a website called kincks4sale.com which is calling for Knicks owner James Dolan to sell the team.

The campaign calling for the sale of the Knicks is the brain child of the same people who called for the firing of former New York Jets general manager John Idzik.

This movement gained a fair amount of steam as a result of Dolan responding to a fan email telling his he should go root for the rival Brooklyn Nets.

“This email that he had the nerve to send to one of his fans was the moment. We talked last night — the four of us — and just said, you know what, we’ve had enough and we’ve gotta do something.”

“I’ve been a Knick fan my whole life, and the past 15 years — except for that one season where we won one playoff series — have just been a nightmare,” Koeppel continued. “We’ve been patient, and the cost of going to games has just skyrocketed to the point of being completely out of control, so we don’t attend as many games anymore, but we definitely watch on TV, and it’s just one terrible season after the other.”

Fans of the Knicks certainly have plenty of reason to be frustrated with the Knicks franchise, as they are struggling mightily this season, having just played to 10 wins and 42 losses. This disappointing season is just one of many in recent memory and it appears as if the fans have had enough.

Between the Knicks on the court struggles and the email Dolan sent to a fan, it is understandable that the fans want to see a change in ownership.

While this much fan anger is not always going to result in the sale of the team or the fans desires coming to fruition, such things have worked in the past, and the fans of the Knicks are certainly going to push as hard as they can to see the change they want.