Are you a lover of beautiful games? Do you know the sport as soccer, or perhaps there’s only one proper form of football, and that’s the game where more than 90% of the action is played with the ball at your feet? Regardless, there’s no escaping from just how big soccer is global. Millions say we live on “planet football,” with the recent World Cup in Qatar reminding us how sport can unite the planet.

Watching and Making Predictions on Soccer Made Easy

The FIFA World Cup 2022 was staged in Qatar for the competition’s first visit to the Arab World. And the games were such a success that we don’t believe they’ll be the last. Qatar 2022 hands over the baton to organizers of World Cup 2026, which the USA, Canada, and Mexico will jointly host. And does so, leaving a legacy that the next tournament will attempt to overshadow and surpass.

There are many ways to follow the sport, including in person at the stadium or watching the action live on television through a major broadcaster. But most modern football fans choose to keep pace via live streams offered by the top betting apps. This allows sports fans to watch at home or when on the move. But how do you access the best live streams and use them to make predictions on the next big match involving your favorites? Read on to find out more.

Things have changed

If you’ve never watched a soccer match from the World Cup or English Premier League – for example – through a live stream, we can probably guess why. Live streaming was painfully poor for the first few years of its existence—interruptions like buffering and loading plagued the coverage. The commentary was either non-existent or in another language, you couldn’t quite place. And almost all feeds were illegal. But things have changed and for the better too.

Those dark days are over, and there’s a fresh and promising dawn for armchair fans or those on the move. Today, soccer live streams have HD quality with clear audio, expert commentary, exciting camera angles, and up-to-date stats. This has led to many of the world’s top sportsbooks adding live streaming to their websites and apps, gifting new and existing members free access. It’s becoming the most popular way to watch high-profile matches.

That’s particularly true of overseas competitions that may be played at inconvenient times for the US audience. A late kick-off from the EPL or Qatar World Cup would have, until recently, been inaccessible to millions. Now you can catch the action from home, at work, or when out and above using only your Android or iOS smartphone device. The likes of Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool are now just a touch of your screen away. It’s ready to fit around your busy schedule.

Why sportsbooks offer free access

Sportsbooks are just one of the providers of reliable soccer live streams, but they do rank amongst the best and even offer free access. There’s no need to make predictions or place wagers on the outcome of the play, either. Simply sign-up, click the live stream tab at the advertised start time and enjoy the show.

Why do these apps offer live streaming of matches you have to pay for elsewhere? Coverage that costs them a pretty penny to add to their mobile apps and websites? The simple answer is that sportsbooks want to encourage you to register an account and make predictions on the next game. They offer over 100 pre-match and in-play betting markets, including first goalscorer, correct score, and handicap.

You are free to enjoy these benefits if you like, but there’s no requirement. Nothing in the terms and conditions states you must place a bet on the outcome to access the coverage. It’s completely optional, but the sportsbooks use the live coverage to showcase how easy it is to place a bet on soccer. They also want to encourage new players to place bets on the games and know you’re more likely to do that when you’re watching the match and can follow your predictions.

How to get involved

Signing up and enjoying free live soccer streaming is quick and easy. Find the provider you wish to register with and then create an account. When accepted, you’ll enjoy access to live streaming of major sports and the most famous teams.