While travelling, working remotely or visiting public places and using free Wi-Fi it is vital to take care of personal safety and use services of reputable VPN providers as without them your location, IP address, browsing history, passwords, usernames, business related data might be available to hackers and snoopers. It is important to find trustworthy service that provides high quality protection and simultaneous connection to several devices as we all use not only PC but smartphones, tablets and many more, it is also should be compatible with numerous OSes and have mobile apps.

Here are main options that VPNs are offering to its users:

  • Protection of personal information;
  • Encrypting data, online communications;
  • ibVPN torrenting is safe for streaming and visiting geo-restricted websites, social media;
  • Ability to avoid online censorship used by the government in numerous countries and educational facilities;
  • Remote access to your office and to information available only for employees;
  • Ability to choose IP address and simulate location;
  • Due to numerous servers, located across the world, provider guarantees strong and fast connection;
  • Safe access to the Internet while using Wi-Fi at public places;
  • High level of protection against hackers or other curious individuals;
  • Hides browsing history and keeps identity in secret and many more.

Today, VPN service is essential safety measure while browsing the net and especially if working remotely and has access to corporate files. To protect own virtual environment from strangers it is advised turning to reliable VPS provider to ensure online anonymity.

How ibVPN ensures your safety?

Nowadays, we have an abundance of VPN providers to choose from and before making the choice it is important to understand own needs and expectations. There are free and paid services and quality of protection differs significantly. ibVPN has customer-friendly pricing policy and offers maximum safety for your internet browsing in any part of the world. The service has solid reputation and over 500 000 satisfied customers. If you curious what provides has to offer, here are some best features:

  • 15 days money back guarantee;
  • over 100 servers located across 47 countries that ensures strong and fast connection;
  • strict no logs policy;
  • available apps for mobile devices and desktops;
  • access to favourite geo restricted websites;
  • protection against hackers, monitoring, tracking;
  • used protocols include: Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP;
  • availability of kill switch feature;
  • 24/7 live chat customer support, and many more.

Every user requires online environment protection especially if using public Wi-Fi as these networks have following dangers:

  • Hackers, malware, snoopers;
  • Interception of login information, credit card information;
  • Access to shared files, private correspondence, chats;
  • Malware distributing.

All this can be easily avoided if using reliable VPN service as it is able to protect users from all risks that public networks may bring and ensures security measures to prevent third parties from accessing your personal data or stealing sensible data.