The fastest is yet to come. The globally acclaimed Fast and Furious franchise will continue for at least three more releases, bringing the total up to ten films over the past two decades, Vin Diesel confirmed on his Instagram, Tuesday night.

Fast 8 is scheduled for Apr. 14, 2017, whilst Fast 9 and Fast 10 are set for release Apr. 19, 2019, and Apr. 2, 2021, respectively. Who knows if after Fast 10 the muscular actor announces there will be even more to experience with the franchise.

Vin Diesel confirmed three new releases of Fast & Furious. Credit:

“The studio has asked me to release some very big Fast news,” Diesel wrote in a series of Instagram posts. “As most of you know I like to stay in character (for an unrelated film currently shooting) for the most part when given the opportunity to make magic. However, it was Toretto Tuesday and the studio gave me big news to share… So I will share it.”

The latest release, Fast and Furious 7, made a stunning $1.515 billion at the global box office last year, which made it the sixth-highest grossing film ever, behind Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and The Avengers.

Diesel teased Fast 8 for some time last year before it was finally confirmed that it would definitely come to reality. Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray will be directing the next installment, as he announced on social media. He wrote that he was pleased to have such great partners like Vin Diesel, Neal H. Moritz and the Universal Studios Entertainment family.

After Fast 7, Michelle Rodriguez told E! News that the cast needed a good reason to carry on after Paul Walker. She pointed out that the franchise was not just the “American baby” anymore, given its insane success around the world. The most important thing, she said, was to find the right director who would take over the films with passion.

One of the aspects that may have had a great influence on the franchise’s success worldwide is the diversity of the cast, especially in Fast and Furious 5. The entourage included a Japanese man, an Italian-American man, a Latino woman, an Israeli woman and two black men.

Around 75 percent of the audience on the opening weekend in North America were not white. Paul Dergarabedian of analytics company Rentrak, told the Hollywood Reporter that the cast diversity has been a key element that has contributed to the brand’s success. He remarked that nearly every moviegoer around the world can relate to someone within the cast, which has paid big dividends at the box office.

Source: E! Online