Vevo, the multinational video hosting service, wants to attract more clients with a new pack of apps that are specially developed for Android smartphones and tvOS for Apple TV.

Users will be able to create lists with their favourite videos. Also, algorithms from the app will be in charge of making recommendations based on the tastes of users.

Android users can already download the new app in the Google Play Store. Vevo wanted to create a personal experience, such as the offered by the music streaming services Apple Music and Spotify, which recommend songs after analyzing the favourite tracks of users.

Image: InfoTechnology/VEVO
Image: InfoTechnology/VEVO

Users can create a “Spotlight” feed. Also, curated playlists will appear on the app in order to provide video music lovers with the rhythmic pieces they already like. Moreover, a “First Playlist” is automatically created by the app, to immediately entertain users.

“We continue to invest in what we believe is the premium platform for music videos and related original content. Artists and audiences deserve great music video experiences, whether on mobile devices or connected TVs,” Vevo CEO Erik Huggers said in a statement on Thursday. 

The service operated by Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media, will also follow the personalization trends with a “Favourites” section and a “New for You” section, the latter will be updated every Monday. Spotify had previously implemented a similar strategy, offering new playlists based on the tastes of users, every Monday.

The Apple TV is also supporting the video service headquartered in New York City. However, some extra features were added to the TV app. Spotlight can be auto-played and videos can be found by genre or individual artists, said PC Mag.

Vevo CEO Erik Huggers said on Thursday that the launch of the new Apple TV app represents an important milestone for Vevo, as the company wants to create a high-quality experience for music videos, which appear to be a success among millennials and new generations.

An interesting characteristic of the new Android and Apple TV apps is that they can be synchronized among devices. Currently, Vevo has more than 160,000 videos in its catalog, which are mostly seen via Youtube, the first ally of the video hosting service.

The potential of the video provider seems to be relevant. According to Digital Trends, Vevo obtains 12 billion video views per month and more users are creating Vevo accounts every day. Just by 2014, more than 21,000 artists from the music industry had their videos published on Vevo.

Source: PC Mag