The popular racing video game “Need for Speed” was re-launched this week for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a new version that promises players a film-like aesthetic in the graphics as well as gameplay innovations.

The developers emphasized in the use of lighting, movement and sounds to create a realistic and unique atmosphere that made the video game look closer to the shooting of a movie, offering a new type of gaming experience.

The developers of the game, which have inspired players to recreate scenes from famous actions movies such as The Fast and the Furious, plan to offer a better experience for car racing enthusiasts. Credit:

Apart from the high definition image quality and filmic aesthetic, one of the upgrades this new version of Need for Speed offers is the customization of the car models, described in the game’s promotional video as “the most authentic customization in Need for Speed’s history”, which offers plenty of options that allow players to test their creativity in artistic designs for their virtual vehicles. Additionally, nearly every piece of the cars can be replaced to suit the player’s taste.

The game also offers a personalized handling setup that allows the player to adjust their own driving experience, altering factors like the pressure of the tires, steer response, steer range, drift stability and launch control.

However, the new version of the over 20-year-old racing game has had its flaws pointed out by critics on the Internet. In a review posted by the user Devin Charles for Game Revolution, he described the story as dull and uneventful. “Staying engaged in the game is a problem, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have much motivation to get on the road since there’s no clear purpose,” he wrote.

Another complaint from the people who had the chance to test it is the multi-player mode, which presents a limited set-up compared to the older versions of the game. There’s not an option for local multiplayer, and users can’t challenge another person nearby, either, since all modes in the latest version are online — this factor also takes away the possibility of pausing the game, even when playing individually.

According to the reviewer Vincent Balestriere from the International Business Times, the game struggles to keep up with its graphics at 30FPS (frames per second), which often stay frozen or skip parts of the sequences.

“When the going gets mildly tough, you’ll see some frame skipping as the game struggles to sometimes hold 15-18 FPS. Honestly, it can get pretty distracting,” expressed Balestriere.

Despite its glitches, the developers of the game that inspired players to recreate scenes from famous actions movies such as The Fast and the Furious plan to offer a better experience for car racing enthusiasts, all the while competing with other franchises like Forza Horizon and Gran Turismo — fan favorites on the genre.

Source: International Business Times.