San Diego-  Over 14 tons of cocaine were recovered at San Diego’s Broadway pier on April 7th. The guard intercepted Latin American smugglers believed to come from Panama, officials have stated that the offshore interception was made between January and March.

The U.S coast guard has intercepted around 13 offshore drug traffickers around the coast of Central and South America.

The illegal narcotics were intercepted by two USCG cutters and a U.S. Navy ship in the Eastern Pacific Ocean between January and early March. Credit: US Coast Guard Newsroom

The total of interceptions

The DEA removed the narcotics from the deck of the Cutter Bertholf in San Diego, the vehicle’s crew has been responsible for intercepting the biggest amount of cocaine, the drug was discovered in a self-propelled, semi-submersible vessel on March 3rd.

Also, the cutter Valiant intercepted six smuggling vessels while the Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen stopped a boat smuggling 1,500 pounds of cocaine that were found floating in baled.

It is believed that drug traffickers are opting for the oceans to avoid the tight security at the U.S- Mexico border.

The drugs were stacked on pallets and remained on the deck of the docked coast guard cutter when the DEA took custody of the drugs.

According to a statement made by the guard approximately, 28,000 pounds of the drug were found and it is believed they came from Central and South American coasts. Over 12 smugglers were arrested while being intercepted.

More than 14 tons of cocaine on San Diego pier. Credit: CNN

The estimated street value of the drugs found is, at least, $400 million, between all the drugs found in the first three months of the year.

“Taking tons of deadly drugs off the street and apprehending dozens of suspected smugglers not only saves lives here at home, but it also disrupts the efforts of international drug trafficking organizations who spread violence and instability wherever they operate, ” said Rear Adm. Joseph Servidio, commander of the 11th Coast Guard District in a statement.

Source:  CNN