Wait…so it’s not about waving your résumé at CEO’s faces until you get hired?

Unconventional Ways to Find and Secure a New Job

People have been doing it this way for decades (not literally, of course). But this part is true: The hiring game has been the same for years. You earn experience, polish your résumé, e-mail it, and cross your fingers and toes hoping you match the hiring criteria. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the future of job interviews in big companies will rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make more accurate choices. That means you won’t even have to submit a CV anymore, as hiring managers will hire you based on physiological responses. But until we get there, let’s go over a few unconventional ways to increase your chances of getting hired.

Nurture Relationships

That sounds a bit cliché, but it’s one of the most important steps in the search for a new job. Companies want to hire candidates who can get the job done, but you don’t need to contact them directly to let CEOs know you’re right for the position. It’s all about getting referrals. Here’s an example:

You’re on the hunt for a job in marketing. A friend of yours, who’s aware of your credentials and expertise, knows someone who works in an advertising agency—and what’s more, they’re hiring. If you market yourself well, you might be an advantageous candidate down the line, simply because someone put in a good word.

The next step is taking initiative by marketing yourself as an expert and show how reliable your skills are.

Share Valuable Content on Social Media

Creating a profile for your business won’t suffice if you don’t have authoritative content to share with your followers. Standing out on social media means creating valuable content that people will want to read and share, regardless of the platform of your choice. Articles, informational posts, explanatory videos, and infographics are examples of content you can work on. Also, remember to make your content original.

That doesn’t mean you should abandon your personal accounts, though. Create a new account (preferably a business account) to post work-related content. Then, follow influential people, interact with them, and learn from them. After all, social media is where everyone—including hiring managers—spends a lot of time.

Network Outside of Your Field

This is a valuable tip shared by expert career advisors. When job-hunting, some candidates immediately start networking with people in their field to create job opportunities. Is that helpful? Yes. But there’s another, even better way to do it.

Leave your circle for a while. Connect with professionals in other industries, and develop relationships outside your field. Why? Because your acquaintances from different areas might need your services, and you have no idea who needs you until you approach them. Not that work is all you should talk about, but getting out of your comfort zone just might lead you to that conversation.

When You’re Ready to Take on the Challenge…

When you feel confident that you’ll fit the hiring criteria, you’ll take the edge off job seeking. Consequently, applying for jobs will become a breeze.

You already know the next step: go to job search engine sites like EmploymentHub.co, and choose from several job categories near you. Simply specify the job title you’re after, followed by your location, and find hundreds of jobs you’re eligible for. You can also check Employment Hub’s blog for job offers and career advice.

As of now, you probably noticed that standing out and getting hired is all about creating meaningful connections, as well as showing your expertise. Ace these steps, and chances are you’ll get the job.