Entering the booming world of health spas is a wise investment for those seeking their next business venture. In the time of “self-love” and “treat yourself” mentalities, creating a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and beautification can be both profitable and fulfilling.

Woman Receiving Spa Treatment

Before jumping headfirst into the world of facials and laser treatments, take the following tips into consideration:

Decide on Treatments

While it seems like an obvious step, deciding on the treatments to offer at your spa is key to determining your business’ success. It’s important to select the treatments most popular amongst typical clientele, including facials, hair removal, and rejuvenation. Creating a client-based business relies heavily on the ever-changing needs and wants of the customer. Some of the most popular services to consider include:

Laser Hair Removal – This particular treatment is increasingly popular in contrast to traditional methods of shaving/waxing. Removing hair by laser decreases the time between regrowth, softens new hair growth, and reduces irritation caused by traditional removal methods. During warmer months or in areas of constant warm weather, this service is high on the list of popularity.

Skin Tightening- Over time, skin tends to sag and loosen as a result of a decrease in collagen. Radiofrequency uses a small laser to create microscopic holes and emit frequencies to tighten skin and increase the production of collagen. Since this method of tightening is noninvasive and has a shorter healing time than traditional surgical procedures, it’s common amongst clientele.

Be Frugal

All business owners know that it takes time after starting a new venture to turn a profit. In order to be sure that a business can survive the time it takes to achieve this goal, it’s wise to spend responsibly in the early stages.

Start your financial planning by determining the proper equipment needed to perform your chosen services. To do so in a frugal manner, lasers can be purchased from sites like Cosmetic Laser Warehouse at a lower rate. Despite the discounted rates, each laser is top quality and fully inspected with proper maintenance before being sold. These extra measures ensure that both your staff and clients are given the safest, most effective tools for each treatment.

Once you’ve purchased the necessary equipment, and created a monthly budget for utilities and supplies, set your pricing accordingly. Gear your services and prices towards your client base and demographics. If your services are high end at a too low rate, your spa cannot stand the test of time. On the contrary, if your services are basic offerings at a high rate, your client list will likely diminish.

Be Unique

As the self-care movement sweeps through, many are taking on the world of aesthetic services. In order to be the go-to spa in your area, create a unique environment for your clientele that sets your spa apart. For some, this can be the difference in offering services that others in the area do not. Keeping up to date on popular treatments and continuously training staff to perform them can be the key to setting you apart.

For others, creating a themed ambiance can be aesthetically pleasing to visitors and offer a full experience from the moment they walk in the door. Whether you choose to create a dimly lit, sensory-limited environment or a bright white modern chic feel, the overall theme can round out your client’s encounter with your spa.

When it comes to creating the next first-choice spa in your area, being organized from the first steps is crucial. From budgeting to inventory, to design, each element of planning is an important piece to the whole. If you stay on-brand for your spa, plan frugally, and execute responsibly, your new business venture is sure to be a success.