T-Mobile is offering a special giveaway for Valentine’s Day coming up next week. The telecommunications company will try to give away thousands of free pizzas through its reward program as they hope it the promotion doesn’t cause mayhem. Last year’s Domino’s promotion made clear how people can do just about anything for a free pizza.

According to an official statement presented by T-Mobile, they partnered with Papa John’s this year to offer users the opportunity to get one pizza with one topping for free over the course of the next four weeks. The mobile carrier company chose pizza for its popularity nationwide. It’s worth mentioning that T-Mobile introduced their reward program last June, back when they were associated with the Domino’s Pizza franchise.

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Last year’s T-Mobile free-pizza chaos

Last year, T-Mobile presented their reward program which consisted on pizza giveaway through Domino’s and its mobile app. In that occasion, the costumers were able to pick up the gift on Tuesdays only, producing delays, collapses and therefore, people’s frustration.

The chaos ended with the food chain dropping the reward program, which also included the giveaway of other gifts like movie tickets and milkshakes. This caused a sea of complaints from customers that could only be responded by the company’s pledge to solve the any inconvenience.

“Still seeing huge #TMobileTuesdays app volume, but we’re making good! You won’t lose anything, and we’ll make this right ASAP,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere told his 2.6 million followers on Twitter.

However, the company’s promise to resolve the issue didn’t help with the customer’s rage. Many customers posted on Twitter that it was inconceivable how T-Mobile didn’t come through with its promotion.

How will T-Mobile solve last year’s troubles?

According to the company, the users would be able to exchange their pizza gift any day of the week, as long as every user goes to the application on Tuesday and claims for it. Every customer will have a code they would have to exchange in any Papa John’s restaurant, with the difference that now not everybody will have the code at the same time. Every user will receive the code randomly as they have one week to get their free pizza.

Also, in addition to the initial promotion, T-Mobile users can have 25 percent discount in any of Papa John’s online services in the remaining three weeks of the promotion, as long as it does not coincide with the same week the user got the original giveaway pizza.

Both companies have stated that they will put maximum effort to make this reward program as smooth as possible to consumers, to bypass last year’s commotion. In this opportunity, there are 6-extra days per week for people being able to exchange their prizes.

The President of Papa Johns promised a better service as he said in an official statement that “at Papa John’s we pride ourselves on cooking up a better pizza and also a better customer experience.”

According to T-Mobile, their reward program application has been downloaded about 11 million times, as they have given away 30 million gifts to over 30 million customers across the country.

Source: Fortune