The world’s most popular dating app, Tinder, has introduced a new feature in its latest version: the “Super like” function. This button is an opportunity for users to give a special admiration to those who they really like. Tinder is known for its simplistic swiping system: Swipe right if you’re into someone’s profile and swipe left if you’re not interested.

A key aspect of the new function is that it can only be given once a day, which gives it a special connotation. The reason behind this new feature is to avoid the frequently cited problem that men swipe right too often. According to a New York Times’ report, men are three times more likely to swipe right than women are.

The Super Like button is an opportunity for users to give a special admiration to those who they really like. Credit: Engadget

This is also beneficial for the company since Tinder chief executive Sean Rad is expecting to attract more people and increase the company’s revenue stream as well.

“Super Like” was first released in Australia and quickly became a success, so Tinder has decided to roll out the function worldwide. “The Australian rollout of Super Like indicates that users are finding high-quality matches, and more matches in general,” CEO Sean Rad told Mashable in an email. “Super Like is also a natural conversation-starter, like a digital equivalent of walking over to someone in a bar and buying them a drink.”

According to the company, the conversations, which start after the user clicks on the Super Like button last 70% longer, although the actual length has not been disclosed.

For that reason, Tinder Plus, a paid upgrade, offers the Super Like option up to five times per day. To get the upgrade version -which also turns off ads, rewinds users last swipe and lets them change their location. Costumers can choose from three options: $9.99 for one month, $5.83/month for 6 months and $4.58/month for a year. However, if the user is over 28 years old, he or she has to pay more than three times as much as £14.99.

After this new feature, Tinder seems to not give up by the pressure of being the subject of an intense campaign from AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The service has been blamed for being responsible for the rise in the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

The clip

Nina Agdal, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, is the model starring alongside Erin Heatherton in the clip for the Super Like feature. In the video, she is approached by several swipe lefts until Heatherton clicks on Super Like.

According to People, Agdal said the Super Like function increases the Tinder users’ chances of finding a great match.

“What’s great about the Super Like function is that it gives you even more control,” she explained to People. “You get to pick one extra-special person you really want to match with that day.”

Source: Daily Mail