Instagram is getting serious about records that fundamentally post images, erasing famous pages that have amassed a large number of followers. Many records with more than 30 million followers joined were erased all of a sudden. Because of the planning, it’s conceivable the record cleanse is identified with Instagram’s most recent policy change.

This is How Millions of Instagram Users Disappeared in Purge

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are always battling against spam or fake accounts that are always hijacking hashtags, pumping up follower count for celebrities, and buying Instagram likes.

Recently, Instagram got to take a look at how many junk accounts are there which is called Instagram Rapture. Through this, the company is deleting all the fake accounts that previously had been designated as ‘spammy’ accounts.

After Instagram deleted all the fake accounts that violated the policy of the company, many celebrities lost their major fan base through this and the follower count of their profile was decreased.

Developer Zach Allia crunched the 100 most-followed Instagram accounts and found that the authority Instagram profile lost the most devotees—18,880,211, or practically 30% of their following. It’s not satisfactory whether those records were all spam, or if a few people quit following Instagram in a spirit of meanness for the organization’s spam-account cleanse. No other record’s devotee misfortune draws close to Instagram’s number.

Kim Kardashian lost a whopping 1.3 million followers or 5.5% of her online following due to Instagram Rapture.

Rapper Akon reportedly lost 56% of his followers in the purge.

  • Curated content– We all know them or maybe we even follow them that these profiles don’t create anything on their own. They rely on others that they will create images, videos and they can share on their profiles to try to build some audience.
  • Violation of policies– Instagram is getting serious about the fake and spam accounts that violate the policies of the accounts and removing their accounts. They have reserved their rights to remove accounts whenever needed or those who use these apps in an inauthentic way to follow, like, and comment.
  • Meme pages– Being high on the most-wanted Instagram list as many people follow meme pages as they find some relatable content to their daily life and tagging pals on those posts. But meme accounts also have the responsibility to give credits to the actual owner if they repost their post on your profile or story. 30 high-profile meme pages were taken down after Instagram deemed them to violate their terms.
  • Reaction – Many reacted to purge negatively, but some saw the lighter side as their accounts would be safe, with no fake followers and fewer chances of getting accounts hacked. A user named chiragchirag78, whose account has since been deleted, went from almost four million followers to just eight. It’s impossible to know who purchased fake followers but massive followers drop on no-name accounts.

In recent years the way we use Instagram has transformed from sincerely viewing our pals’ whereabouts, life updates, and tagging them in memes. Now it’s unsafe also where people create fake accounts with other names just to keep a check on others. It has also become a recent hub for online shopping or online marketing as many people are targeting their audience on Instagram as well.

Instagram seems to be working hard to get rid of the negativity that’s been surrounding the platform over the last few years.

They simply have been those accounts that were reported so often by the users. It seems though that these accounts weren’t notified before they were banned and simply gone overnight. Influencers purchasing fake followings and increasing the digits of followers will not be of any use until the engagement is also increased and they get featured in the apps.

The Instagram decision is in favor to keep the platform secure. Most third-party apps ask to share your password to analyze the insights of the profile but the more places you share your passwords the less secure your account is and resulting in this then less secure the Instagram is as a platform. This reciprocity is how third-party apps boost account popularity.

From purchasing the fake followers on no-name accounts or in the case for an account this will increase the follower’s rate but your engagement rate won’t be increased.

Many influencers, high-profile accounts, or celebrities lost their major fan base through this as they purchase followers.

At the stakes of each user rise with a new set of eyeballs, every day people come to Instagram with real experience, including genuine interactions. It is their responsibility to ensure these experiences aren’t disrupted by inauthentic activity.

The platform has rid itself of bot accounts, but this more deliberate effort to affect platform interaction in a big way.

The more the organic the followers are the more secure accounts are there, are fewer chances of hacking, organic followers will give rise to more engagement also and can get featured also.

Purging is cleaning the unwanted things, timely cleaning of your social media apps is also required through this you can post more trending posts, delete the hashtags that are not frequently used now, photos you were tagged in you can untag it also as you might think this is a very old picture and don’t want on your profile, removing the followers and reduce the following as after some time many fake followers also start following for that we have to keep an eye on that also.

It looks like uncertain time is ahead of a large number of people also depend on the income through the Instagram app. It can also throttle the reach of pages, suspend them and also delete them permanently.

So, in final words, Instagram has all the right to delete the accounts but the main point is whose Instagram followers are real fans?

The spam accounts crackdowns have understandably upset users. As in the past Instagram has deleted 754 million fake accounts.

So goodbye to fake followers, thank you for lasting till you were.