The Rise of the Tomb Rider: 20 Year Celebration, is the latest game involved in the Rider franchise, offering gamers new experiences, new adventures and new information regarding the decade-long character.

Crystal Dynamics developed the game to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary, as its name suggests, adding more content and allowing users to explore more content, the game was released to the public on October 11.

Crystal Dynamics developed the game to celebrate the franchise's anniversary. Photo credit: PSX Brasil Youtube Channel
Crystal Dynamics developed the game to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary. Photo credit: PSX Brasil Youtube Channel

Last fall the “Rise of the Tomb Rider” was introduced to the public, but the game was only supported for Microsoft Consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360). With its 20 year anniversary, the updated game is now available for Playstation 4 and PS4 VR.

A deeper character 

The Tomb Raider franchise focuses on the story of young archaeologist Lara Croft, who embarks on adventures in the search for lost artifacts, that keep secrets from the past and even solve mysteries.

The franchise was first created in 1996 and since then had become one of the most popular game franchises and even made it to the film industry, when Angelina Jolie portrayed Croft.

As a way of celebrating its two-decade anniversary developers from Crystal Dynamics decided to offer gamers a deeper and more developed character, introducing them to the lost story of Lara Croft. Even though, Lara’s story has been mentioned in the past users will now get the chance to understand it better by looking for answers on the Croft Manor.

The 20-year anniversary game tells Croft’s latest adventure, in the constant look of the divine source, the main character is involved in a conflict with a paramilitary organization in Syria after they stole her investigation on the lost object.

The gamer will have to endure Croft’s adventures through Siberia, as they try to reach the divine source before the organization does.

Developers have focused on marketing the newly added chapter called “blood ties” in which the gamer will under understand more about Croft’s family and the story surrounding it. In the game, users can explore the Croft Manor, read documents, open old desks and dig into the family.

This chapter of the game is available on PlayStation VR and allows the user to enjoy the manor in a 360-degree view and interact with the objects inside of the house. According to The Verge, the chapter is an epilog of Croft’s story and is offer as a relaxed chapter among the action-fulled ones.

A new chapter called “Lara’s Nightmare” is offered to gamers, similar to Black Op’s zombie mode, the user is in charge of killing zombies with Lara’s weapons as she faces her biggest fears.

The 20-year anniversary game offers a full gamma of different outfit’s for the character as well as all of the weapons in previous games, an option in the game allows the user to change the character’s graphics to all of the previous skins in which Lara Croft has embarked on an adventure.

According to the developer, the recently released game offers a 50-hour play of exploring and adventures.

Source: DNA India