Pablo Vasquez, 38, is scheduled for an execution by lethal injection on Wednesday at 6 p.m for bludgeoning, slashing to death, mutilating the corpse and drinking the blood of a 12-year-old boy 18 years ago.

Vasquez’ lawyers have claimed their client had mental health problems and suffered from learning disabilities. A co-defendant, then 15, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on a murder conviction.

This handout photo provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shows Pablo Lucio Vasquez. Credit: NBCDFW

The crime scene

According to the authorities, Vasquez and co-defendant, Andy Chapa, met the 12-year-old boy at a local party in Donna, Texas, on April 18, 1998. The victim, David Cardenas, was hanging out with a group of teenagers and Vasquez when he was attacked.

Court papers revealed that the police received tips of a murder before founding the mutilated body of Cardenas. The 12-old-year boy was found by the police under metal sheets, without arms, no skin on the back and a hole in the back of his head. It took the jury about an hour to find Vasquez guilty.

According to the prosecutors, Vasquez hit Cardenas with a piece of pipe and a shovel, then, took a ring and a necklace from him and then buried the body behind a residence. In a taped confession, Vasquez admitted that voices from the devil urged him to kill and drink the blood of his victim.

“The body was also mutilated after death by some means that caused bones to shatter,” the court papers said.

Source: Reuters