Tesla has just announced it has a surprise for all the public, according to CEO Elon Musk. Musk said on Twitter that a new product would be unveiled on October 17, before the October 28’s solar roof unveiling. The media and users are just trying to guess what it is all about.

Tesla is having a great October after the company made an all-stock offer deal to Solar City valued in 2.6 billion last June. Now it is preparing to launch new products to the market. Some say that on October 17 will be announced the Autopilot 2.0 hardware, or maybe it could be regarding its energy storage technology, what is certain is that it will be a surprise.

Tesla has just announced it has a surprise for all the public, according to CEO Elon Musk. Photo credit: Inside Evs
Tesla has just announced it has a surprise for all the public, according to CEO Elon Musk. Photo credit: Inside Evs

“Tesla product unveiling on the 17th (unexpected by most), followed by Tesla/SolarCity on the 28th,” wrote Elon Musk via twitter this Sunday.

Tesla is unveiling an unexpected product

Tesla Motors is an American automaker and energy storage company created in 2003. It specializes in electronic cars. One of its first successes was the Tesla Roadster launched in 2008. It was followed by other vehicles such as the Model S, in 2012 or the Q1 in 2013. The Model S was the best-selling suburban utility vehicle (SUV) in the world in 2015 and the second best-selling plug-in vehicle in 2016 after the Nissan Leaf.  But Tesla not just focuses on electric SUVs, it also makes equipment for home and office battery charging. It runs a Destination Charging program that offers – in shops, restaurant and other public places – fast chargers for costumers.

Tesla’s aims according to CEO, Musk, are to be an independent automaker, which will eventually offer electric cars at affordable prices to the average consumer. This could be a hint to know that Tesla is preparing us for in the weeks to come. Some say that Tesla is announcing its Autopilot 2.0 hardware, an update that is enabling Tesla autopilot to read stop signs and traffic lights, making it possible for cars to navigate even if it is not a highway, something that is currently limiting Tesla Autopilot.

Tesla is trying to improve its production

Another rumor says that it could be about the Tesla’s at-home energy options, the Powerwall and the Powerpack since Musk has made reference to that earlier this year. But we could also be talking about something related to the Model 3 vehicle, that Musk discussed earlier this year, at the Code Conference. Musk also said that it wouldn’t be necessary for Tesla or SolarCity to raise equity or corp debt in the Q4 model. It’s important to remember that Tesla just offered a 2.6 billion deal to buy Solar City, as a way to improve its alternative energy technology, making it the primary charging source for the company’s electric cars.

“We’ve got our next generation technology and we are trying to get up that production line so it’s gonna be heavily concentrated in Q4 and primarily in November and December,” Musk said during the call

That people don’t think will be announced is the Model Y, since it would be the car to be launch after the Model 3, which is expected to be on the market by the end of 2017. Last July Musk has said that model Y is his “Master Plan, Part Deux.”

Source: Business Insider