A Tennessee nurse, Tiffany Dover, fainted on live TV while talking about the COVID-19 vaccine she had just received. The 30-year-old nurse manager was administered the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus shot at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga on Thursday. She got the vaccine on live TV and was talking about it later when she trailed off and then slumped – on the live program.

Tennessee Nurse Receives COVID-19 Vaccine and Then Faints on Live TV Program

Seventeen minutes after receiving the jab, Dover was talking about how excited she was to be among the first recipients of the vaccine when she suddenly reported that she was feeling dizzy and then fainted. After her recovery, she went back to the TV program and said she is prone to fainting when she experiences intense pain.

“All of my staff, you know, we are excited to get the vaccine,” Dover was saying. “We are in the COVID unit, so therefore, you know, my team will be getting first chances to get the vaccine. And I know that it’s really … Sorry, I’m feeling really dizzy…”

Dover said after that she experienced the dizziness coming on and felt disoriented before passing out. She however stated that the pain she felt in her arm before fainting was gone by the time she was recovered.

The CDC said that it is possible for some people to experience fainting after receiving certain vaccinations and undergoing medical procedures as a result of intense pain or unfounded anxiety. Medical doctors said the ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccine could not have induced fainting in people but some people who are naturally anxious or afraid of injection jabs might pass out.

“It is a reaction that can happen very frequently with any vaccine or shot,” said Dr. Jesse Tucker, the medical director of critical care medicine at CHI Memorial who had earlier received the coronavirus vaccine.

The condition that makes some people faint at the sight of blood or injection needles is called Vasovagal Syncope. People can also faint when they experience intent heat, pain, stand for too long, or get suddenly dehydrated. It happens because the blood vessels fail to carry enough blood supply to the heart and brain because the blood pooled in the legs as a result of standing for too long, or the vessels suddenly contract as a result of shock.

However, people who criticize the COVID-19 vaccines seize upon the incident of a nurse fainting on live TV after taking the shots to insist that the vaccines are relatively unsafe with unknown long-term effects. But then, President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris have received the vaccines, while VP Mike Pence and Surgeon-General Jerome Adams have also received the vaccines nearly four days ago.

Source: dailymail.co.uk