Gloria Copeland, a televangelist from Texas, claims there is no such thing as a flu season in America, and that an alternate method can be used instead of vaccines. That is listening to her voice saying “Flu, I bind you off of the people in the name of Jesus.”

Ms. Gloria is an active member of President Trump’s faith advisory council, the Evangelical Advisory Board, of which her husband belongs to as well. The increasing fame became notorious when Ms. Copeland decided to declare to her followers that the only medicine they needed was the word of Jesus.

While Ms. Copeland made a video in which her followers accepted and embraced the lady’s suggestions and opinions, a more-skeptical-part of the audience accused her of reckless and irresponsible.

Gloria’s ‘spell’

On the video Ms. Copeland released, she is extremely clear when talking about her opinion about the dangerous currently-killing disease. She explains that America has a duck season and a deer season, but never a flu season. She states that God already bored the sickness of the country and carried the diseases as well.

Ms. Copeland then addresses the ones that already present the symptoms of the flu, tells them she won’t let hem aside, and she prays for them.

“With your Supernatural powers,”she asks God, “to heal them now from the top of their head to the soles of their feet.”

Televangelists says she can cure or avoid the flu thanks to the word of God, US President Donald Trump
The woman assures anything else is needed but God’s word. Image credit: AP

With her faith strength, Ms. Copeland then decides to “bind off” the flu from people in the name of the savior himself. She claims he is the one who gave the nation the shot, and even refers to the Bible noting that it states that Jesus cured people’s sickness and diseases.

In response to all of this confusing religious perspective, Jim Schutze, a columnist for The Dallas Observer, declares he is concerned since the lady and the idea she is trying to sell is not scary, but the fact that people are believing it.

Mr. Schutze explains that he was born and raised in a religious town and that his beliefs stand still. He also explains that what Ms. Copeland is doing can be seen as plain witchcraft. The “incantation” does not seem to appeal Mr. Schutze religious side, rather than actually to annoy him.

Statistics that Ms. Gloria seems to ignore

The death rate and diagnoses related to this actual flu season are already reaching the numbers obtained during the 2014-2015 season. This year’s data is even thought to surpass the previous one. Just like little Emily, more than 30 children have had a fatal end during this season’s first half.

Televangelists says she can cure or avoid the flu thanks to the word of God, US President Donald Trump
Although vaccines are not 100% effective, they lower the chances to get infected. Image credit: Getty

Apparently, Ms. Copeland ignores the fact that if a person gets infected by the virus, without being protected by the vaccine, the symptoms could eventually develop into more complex ones. They create complications that could turn into pneumonia, and then in sepsis – to describe only one of them all.

While the virus is thought to be a simple flu, it is starting to build resistance against the vaccines. Nevertheless, doctors explained that the vaccine, even though is not 100% effective, it milds the symptoms and helps avoid further complications.

Even some suggestions made by doctors explain that babies about six years old should get a vaccine every year, while up-to-65-year-old people should even get two. Both groups, alongside with pregnant women, are the most affected ones in this season.

Words can’t attack a virus

Doctors have expressed concerns due to the rising number of people who are not getting vaccinated. Thanks to this, the statistics of ER admissions and morbid cases are up above the skies.

Doctors would usually recommend things like resting and getting plenty of fluids at home to patients with common flu. But since it is, currently, a nation-spread deadly danger, even the simplest symptoms lead doctors to think the worst.

Televangelists says she can cure or avoid the flu thanks to the word of God, US President Donald Trump
People should immediately seek for experts’ help when noting the flu symptoms. Image credit: Shutterstock

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlight in every single one of the flu-related reports it releases that everybody needs to get vaccinated. It also notes that’s easy to get infected with the virus since it is transmitted through everyday human actions, like coughing or sneezing. The virus can be spread due to contact because it survives very long times over surfaces.

The Associated Press noted that it is not the first time Ms. Copeland encourages people to put their health in her Lord’s hands. She also made a critic about cancer prescribed drugs, saying:

“You’ve got cancer. The bad news is we don’t know what to do about it – except give you some poison that will make you sicker. Now, which do you want to do? Do you want to do that, or do you want to sit in here on a Saturday morning, hear the word of God, and let faith come into your heart and be healed?,” Ms. Copeland said on cancer.

Source: ABC News