Race and gender discrimination is certainly a subject that dominates the 21st century. It is not an issue that has been left in the past in most of the industries across the country, specifically the technology sector. For example, white males mostly staff giant technological companies like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

On Tuesday Facebook launched TechPrep. This new site is both for Spanish and English speaking users who want to learn more about computer science. The purpose of this web page is to motivate black and latino residents to learn more about the technological world.

In this sense, Facebook’s Global Director of Diversity, Maxine Williams, explained to PC Magazine that most of the people in Black and Hispanic communities don’t get much exposure to careers in technology such as computer science.

Another limitation is that due to the high costs of university tuition, those who want to study these fields lack the resources to afford a degree.

Photo: NYSE Post

How does it work?

A dynamic learning method has been incorporated to the site. Tutorials, videos and games are offered for kids who want to pursue careers in computer programing. Hundreds of resources, organized by age range and skill levels are also included into the platform.

Another way used by TechPrep to motivate learners, is to publish profiles of real people pursuing careers in computer science. For parents and guardians there are resources offered to help guide their kids during their studies.

“Being encouraged to pursue computer science by a parent or guardian is a primary motivator for women, Blacks and Hispanics. By exposing people to computer science and programming and guiding them to the resources they need to get started, we hope to reduce some of the barriers that block potential from meeting opportunity”, argued Mr. Williams, about the importance of the parental figure.