Every time we get behind the wheel, we take a risk. Fortunately, driving is a lot less risky today than it was in the past. For example, seatbelts are a must in every vehicle, and you can get a ticket if you are caught not wearing one.

As helpful as inventions, like the seatbelt, have been, it is modern technology that’s making driving safer than it has ever been before. Here are five tech innovations that make getting behind the wheel less scary than it was just a few short years ago.

Teen Driving

License for Teens

Fortunately, teens can’t just get behind the wheel of a car. A lot of preparation goes into making sure they are ready to drive on their own.

Teens will likely take a practice permit test online before heading to the DMV to take the written test. They must take a driver’s education class, and in some cases, they may be required to pass a driving test.

All that is helpful, but teens remain the most dangerous drivers on the road, regardless of their education. Parents can make them and everyone else on the road a little safer with License+.

This plug-in device connects the car your teen is driving to an app on your phone. It can send you important information like breaking habits, acceleration, and speed. That way, you can talk with your teen about their driving habits. Even if you don’t have that conversation, just knowing you’re keeping an eye on them can alter their behavior for the better.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras come standard in many vehicles today. Once you have a chance to use one for the first time, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Backup cameras make driving a lot easier, and they make driving safer too. No longer do you have to crane your neck out the window to back into a driveway or parallel park. With a backup camera, you can simply look at the screen to avoid children and pets as you back up with confidence.

Your car doesn’t have a backup camera? No problem! You can buy backup cameras that can be installed on any vehicle.


The vast majority of accidents occur because someone didn’t break in time. Even the best drivers may not notice something is on the road in time to stop, which can result in disaster.

Auto-braking technology is changing all that. Sensors in the car monitor your speed and movement in relation to the objects around you. If an object is detected in the path of your vehicle, and the speed of your vehicle indicates that it would hit that object, a vehicle with this technology will stop automatically.

These brakes are especially helpful today when drivers are distracted more than ever. Automatic brakes can prevent accidents due to drivers who are texting, fumbling with the radio dial, or eating while they’re driving.

Voice Controls

Some tech makes driving better in some ways, and not others. For example, GPS has made it easier than ever for all of us to get to where we’re going, but it can be dangerous too. Fumbling around with your phone to use a GPS app can cause you to get into an accident.

Voice controls have made driving safer because there’s no longer a need to manually activate or alter your GPS system. Some voice controls allow you to do other things too, like switch the radio station or answer the phone. The less you play with your console or phone, the less likely you are to get in an accident.

Car Repair Sensors

Driving a car that’s in need of a repair can be extremely dangerous. Instead of ignoring that check engine light because you don’t know what it means, use a car repair sensor.

This sensor can read what’s wrong with your car and send a message to an app on your phone. It comes with some other handy features that include:

  • Maintenance reminders
  • The ability to monitor every vehicle you own
  • Keep track of the maintenance history of your vehicle
  • Continuous monitoring without having to go to the mechanic

With the sensor and app, you can ensure you’re safe to be on the road so your car isn’t the reason why you get into an accident.

Driving can be risky, but fortunately, it’s a lot less risky today. While we all wait for self-driving cars to eliminate nearly every danger altogether, use the tech on this list to keep you safe behind the wheel.