First-grade teacher, Jocelyn Morffi was fired after nearly seven years, three days after celebrating her marriage. Ms. Morffi was supported by approximately twenty parents who gathered up in the school demanding answers.

A parent claimed the school personal treated her like a criminal when they took her out of the classroom without even letting her get her belongings.

The school remained attached to its policies related to Catholic traditions that are, according to it, stipulated in the contract. Still, parents stood on Ms. Morffi side.

A rather religious matter

The Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School’s principal, Carlota Morales, claimed in a letter she wrote to the parents, that letting Ms. Morffi go was difficult and necessary.

Archdiocese of Miami spokeswoman, Mary Ross Agosta, alongside officials declared Ms. Morffi broke her contract with her actions since clauses concerning moral depravity were not accepted inside her installations or around the kids.

Teacher fired after marrying girlfriend, Gay teacher fired, Jocelyn Morffi
The recently fired teacher and her wife. Image credit: Jocelyn Morffi

Archdiocese spokeswoman Agosta reminded that among the responsibilities of the teacher, supporting the spiritual growth of the kids was included. She explained that every institution manages itself with a series of traditions and values that need to be followed by the employees to fulfill the contract’s guidelines.

Ms. Agosta explained that the policy violated, in this case, was the one stating that personnel matters should not be discussed. Still, the principal of the school, Ms. Morales did not give a reason for the firing to the parents.

The state of Florida doesn’t have a law that prevents and censures discrimination concerning sexual orientation.

The Miami Herald explains:

“After judges in Florida lifted the state’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2015, Archbishop Thomas Wenski sent a memo to employees reminding them of the Archdiocese of Miami’s policy. All employees, including school teachers, are considered church representatives and are expected to abide by Catholic teachings, the memo said.”

Anger among parents and LGBT communities

Parents from the children attending the Sts. Peter and Paul School expressed they were shocked and outraged. They claimed they only care about their children being treated with tenderness and respect.

One of the parents, Samantha Mills, said Ms. Morffi made a vast contribution to the school, considering she never imposed her beliefs on others. She also highlighted the teacher’s methods as amazing.

Tony Lima, executive director of SAVE, an LGBT rights group in South Florida, stated that it is essential to educate the community on this matter. Furthermore, comprehensive statewide protections need to pass.

Ms. Morffi posted a message on Instagram thanking the support the community gave her and addressed the situation saying:

“This weekend I married the love of my life and unfortunately I was terminated from my job as a result. In their eyes I’m not the right kind of Catholic for my choice in partner.”

Source: Daily News