Texas – After six people were murdered last Sunday in Anderson County -including one child- police reported that they have one suspect under arrest.

William Hudson, 33, is the primary suspect, being charged with one count of murder and being held on a $2.5 million bond. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, along with TX Rangers and the Dallas Police Department are working to solve the case as soon as possible.

William Hudson, 33, may be guilty of the murder of six people, including one infant. Credit: AP

The bodies of all six victims, members of two different families that were travelling and staying in a trailer belonging to one of the victims, were found last Sunday in Anderson County. There were five male victims and one female. Also, there is one female survivor, who called 911.

Police officials found the bodies of a man and a woman at a campsite next to the current suspect’s residence, between Harmony and Tennessee Colony, according to information from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. The four remaining victims were thought to be missing, although police officials found them dead Monday afternoon in a pond on the suspect’s property.

The police has identified three of the victims: Carl Johnson, Hannah Johnson, and Thomas Kamp -who owned the travel-trailer property where they were all staying. The Sheriff’s Office made clear that the victims are not from this area.

According to the Sheriff Greg Taylor, the large crime scene “Spans from the area of the travel trailer to a residence that is west of there, and another residence west of there,” he said on a press release. “They are all in line with each other on that road.”

On the other hand, the suspect William Hudson was arrested at his mother’s house, next door to his property. Due to the strong evidence, authorities announced that they are not seeking for any additional suspects.

Also, the sheriff’s office said that William Hudson has no relation to any of the victims, and they haven’t discovered a motive yet for the murders. According to the ACSO, this is the biggest homicide reported in the Anderson County’s history.

Although Hudson has only been charged with one count of murder, additional charges are expected. Hudson has been previously arrested on assault charges, several weeks ago. It is not clear if Hudson had an attorney, so there are no comments on the allegations from his party.

Source: ABC News