New York — The Late Show‘s host Stephen Colbert got emotional when bringing up the topic of the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris during last night’s episode.

The show, featured on CBS, works with pre-recorded episodes, so the network aired a regular episode on Friday night, adding Colbert’s comment addressing the issue once the emission ended.

Stephen Colbert got emotional when the world knew about Paris’ terror attacks. Credit: E! Online

“We end tonight’s show with a heavy heart because we taped all of tonight’s show and then we found out about the horrific attacks in Paris today. I know that not much is known right now. We do know there have been many deaths and the crisis is still ongoing. President Hollande has declared a state of emergency and President Obama has promised the United States will do whatever it takes to bring those terrorists to justice,” explained the host on camera.

While holding back tears, Colbert prepared to conclude the show and continued saying that they’re sending their thoughts and prayers to those in Paris.

The terrorist attack orchestrated by the group ISIS claimed the life of over 129 people in six different parts of Paris. In lights of the tragic event, the official Twitter account of Tonight Show suspended their regular live tweeting session.

Source: E! Online