Solitaire is one of the most intense and loved card games on the web. Even after all these years, Solitaire is on top of the list as a great stress-buster. It is a classic card game that nearly every card game lover has played on their computers. Today, the game is available on smartphones as Cube Solitaire. The game’s basic rules remain the same, but it offers a bit of a twist. The game is played with four suits and 52 cards.

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The objective is to create thirteen cards belonging to the same suit from Ace to King. Then, you must transfer the assembled sets to the foundation pile. After that, players can enjoy free practice games or join multiplayer tournaments to earn money. Read along to know how to play Solitaire Cube.

Cube Solitaire Rules

The goal is straightforward. Players must earn more points than their opponents to win cash rewards. The fundamental rules are as follows:

  • Arrange the cards descendingly to solve the deck. The cards arranged must be of a different color but belong to the same suit.
  • Only a King card is moved to a vacant column.
  • When the cards are assembled from Ace to King, the set must be transferred to the foundation deck.
  • You need to drag the cards to favorable positions in the foundation deck or the tableau. If there are no potential moves, players need to draw new cards by clicking the stockpile.
  • There’s a countdown timer featured in the game. Players need to assemble and move all the cards to the foundation pile before the timer hits 00:00.
  • The game board features a submit button, and players can tap on it if there are no possible moves and the game seems unwinnable. Players can earn a timer bonus.
  • Each game session lasts for about five minutes, and the player with the most score wins.

The Game’s Scoring System

Transferring assembled card sets to the foundation pile fetches points. But there are other actions where players can earn points to beat their opponent.

  • Earn 20 points every time a face-down card is revealed in the tableau.
  • Earn 20 points when a card is played from the stockpile to the tableau.
  • Earn 70 points when a previously removed card moves from the foundation to the tableau.
  • Earn 100 points when a card is moved to the foundation pile.
  • Earn 500 points when a fully assembled card set is transferred to the foundation pile.

While these actions fetch points, some actions can result in losing points. For instance, you will lose 20 points if you draw more than four times from the stockpile. You will also lose 70 points if you move a card from the foundation pile to the tableau.

Easy Hacks To Climb The Scoreboard Playing Cube Solitaire

  • Enter Multiplayer Tournaments After Playing Practice Games

Playing cash tournaments as a beginner isn’t a great idea. You need to get the hang of the game before you can enter head-to-head clashes with real-life online players. You must play sufficient practice games to learn the rules and understand the effectiveness of the tactics mentioned on this list.

  • Start The Game By Going After The Larger Stack Of Cards

Exposing hidden cards is a big part of playing Cube Solitaire. You need to pick the columns with the larger stack of cards so you can quickly uncover hidden cards and get more cards to use to build piles.

  • There’s No Point Emptying A Tableau If You Don’t Have A King Card

Emptying columns without having a King card is an amateur move. Ensure to prevent making this mistake.

If there’s no King, you cannot place any card on the empty tableau, and you will end up wasting the space. The entire column will be blocked off from the game, and you cannot use it until you uncover a King card from the remaining cards.

  • When Filling An Empty Column, Think Of Color

Using a black or red King is crucial when filling an empty column. Your decision will dictate the color for that pile for the rest of the game. Therefore, see all your available cards and then make your decision.

  • Building Ace Stacks Must Not Be Your Priority

Moving cards to the foundation or the upper Ace stack might result in problems if you need those cards to build the piles below. It might appear illogical at first, but once you have implemented this tactic during your practice games, you’ll understand it makes sense. Also, the cards moved into the Ace stacks cannot be recovered, so you may find yourself stuck.

  • When You Move Cards, Move Them With Purpose

You might be tempted to shuffle cards and slowly build them up. But, you’ll be locking essential cards in the process, and it might be the recipe for your disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to move cards with a clear-cut purpose. After all, each game session lasts for 5-minutes, and you don’t have hours to rectify your mistakes.

  • Form Same Suit Card Piles

Can you access several cards on the column? If so, make piles of similar suits. It will help overcome stonewalled games.

Wrapping Up

Cube Solitaire is an entertaining game, and in the online world, it offers intense competition and the opportunity to play games and earn money. So make the most of it by downloading the game, playing practice games, or entering multiplayer cash battles. All the best!