The image messaging app, Snapchat, launched on Tuesday Dubbed Chat 2.0, a software update that allows users to jump straight from sending a message to initiating a voice or audio chat.

But that is not the only novelty the upgrade has. For instance, if your friend is not connected at the time you send the message, you can leave an audio message instead. But again, that is not all. The upgrade comes with more.

Dubbed Chat 2.0, the new update allows users to jump straight from sending a message to initiating a voice or audio chat. Credit: Tube Filter/BGR

Snapchat now allows users to make voice calls and send audio and video messages but among the other features, there’s the option of sending new stickers along with the video and audio notes. You just need to access them by tapping the smiley icon inside the app and you will be able to send screenshots or pictures.

Also, once you start a video call with a friend, you’ll see their face full-screen, as well as your own in a smaller bubble. You can also switch views between your rear-facing and front-facing camera.

The updated version also has Auto-Advance Stories feature. This feature auto-play the next story once you are done with the previous one. Just swipe to skip ahead, or pull down to exit.

The app was down for some moment

Just days after Snapchat released Chat 2.0, the app started having some problems. Many users were complaining that it was not working correctly like not being able to connect, stories failing to load or snaps not been able to send.

Perhaps the problem originated because the new update brought more traffic than the app was able to handle.According to Down Detector, a program that detects when technology fails, the app was reporting about 3000 problems by 2 p.m on Friday, but it has been progressively getting better. By 4 p.m the reports had decreased to just 43.

Source: BGR