Skype recently announced that the ORTC (Object Real-time Communications) API preview for the Microsoft Edge browser is currently available in the latest Windows Insider Preview release. What the ORTC APIs do is that they allow the development of real-time audio and video communication applications on Microsoft Edge, without having to install any plugins. This means that those who use Skype on a browser will be able to access their conversations faster than ever on Skype for Web and Skype for Outlook.

The communication software has been planning to make its services available on the web without having to install plug-ins since 2014. As stated by the company, later this year Skype users will be able to make voice and video calls without having to install a plug-in on Microsoft Edge. Skype also said that it is working on delivering the same seamless experience to Skype for Business.

Credit: Google Play

“We’re thrilled about the exciting scenarios that ORTC APIs enable and we are proud to be one of the first to use these ORTC APIs in the Edge Browser,” the company said about its alliance.


The ORTC APIs enable the development of real-time audio and video communications applications directly on top of the Microsoft Edge browser without the need to install any plug-ins. By using elements provided directly by the browser, the ORTC APIs provide granular control over audio and video streams on the client’ device as well as the transport layer that carries those streams over the network.

ORTC APIs also support the development of more advanced real-time communications scenarios, such as group video calls with a diverse set of endpoints, using features like Simulcast and Scalable Video Coding (SVC), while maintaining the ability to easily interact with existing telephony networks.

Source: Skype