The concept of caring for the skin started way back in the time of the Egyptians. Preserving their youthful glow and healthy skin using readily available materials is integral to their culture. These practices have developed over time, but skincare products and techniques have recently become rampant. Influencers have been sharing their routines, endorsing different products, and giving away tips to their followers on various social media platforms. As a result, unique products and innovative treatments like SmoothBlo by Lumenis have become available in the market.

Skincare Routine Content: Why are They So Popular?

Skincare routine has become a trend since it caters to all types of people, regardless of age, gender, and social status. Here are some reasons why content about skincare is viral these days:

  1. Improves mental health

During this global pandemic, when everything is uncertain and chaotic, people search for a comforting force that they can cling to. The stability of following a routine makes them feel good. Additionally, skincare routines give them time to relax and focus on themselves. It diverts their minds from all the worries and uncertainties they are facing. Also, trying on new products and techniques they’ve never heard of before makes them feel giddy and excited. To top it all, self-care (in any form) triggers the brain to produce extra happy hormones!

  1. Creates meaningful connections

People take pride in sharing their favorite self-care products and routines. They also love to share their success stories online, from how they started their self-care journeys to how they overcame hurdles. Meaningful relationships and new friendships flourish because of this storytelling trend. This is why skincare routine content has become a favorite since it connects people even if they are confined in their homes.

On another note, skincare routines serve as bonding time for families. Stories of mother and daughter, husband and wife, cousins and siblings reconnecting through skincare routines flooded the internet in the past years.

  1. Sends a powerful message

The most substantial reason skincare routines are popular is the powerful message of self-love. People were too busy with work, school, or family that they spent very little time for themselves in the past. But then, the pandemic surge forced them to pause for a while. At first, the sudden stop of people’s routines caused a huge wave of panic. After realizing that they have more free time now that they don’t have to commute to work or go out often, they tried to do something good for themselves through skincare. It felt empowering to have a routine dedicated solely to self-love after taking yourself for granted all these years.

There are several ways to practice self-care and self-love, like committing to a new hobby, a healthier diet, and exercising. But focusing on skincare pays off since taking your time to nurture your skin can positively affect your mind and body. In addition, it boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of control over your day. There are plenty of various options available on the internet, but remember that no matter what you choose to do, loving yourself is the point of doing all these.