The website is the primary touchpoint to all your online marketing strategies. If you don’t have the website right, then you are missing out on one of the substantial perks of marketing strategy – Lead Generation. If you execute your marketing activities correctly, brand awareness will rise, your website will start generating relevant traffic, and you will get convertible leads.

Simple Website Optimization Tips to Generate More Leads

The internet is flooded with websites, and most of them have out of the box designs and functionalities. However, the fundamental objective of having a website is lead generation. If your website can’t convert traffic to leads, then it is time to execute something. Optimize your website in such a way so that it starts generating leads. Hence, you will begin moving further towards achieving your goals.

Let us have a look at some website optimization suggestions to generate leads.

Inclusion of testimonials for social proof enhancement

The inclusion of some​ personal information is crucial for a website visitor to become a lead. Hence, it is significant that you establish credibility. Adding a testimonials page is a way to inform your potential clients that your current customers are happy with your products or services. It serves as social proof and provides validation to your business.

Optimizing lead-generation forms

Increase the probability of visitors to provide​ their information on your website. Many people don’t like to fill in every detail, which is why they skip filling forms. This can be achieved by having a sign-up form on every page by keeping it short and to the point. Apart from making the forms easily fillable, you can boost the generation of leads by adding visuals that will demonstrate the direction to users and head them towards a valuable offer that is very hard to resist.

Use Thank You pages

Delivering premium content to interested people offers a great opportunity to the marketers. Once the visitor has submitted a contact form on your landing page, a thank you should be displayed to them. Incorporate links to informational and relevant content according to their purchase on the page. Take it as an opportunity through which you can suggest to them other offers that they might be interested in. Kickback emails can be used as opportunities to include specific and relevant call-to-action and encourage sharing and social engagement. Moreover, a good rule of thumb is not to send offers more than once a week.

Effective pop-up forms

Pop-up forms are annoying for some. Still, they are one of​ the most beneficial ways to generate qualified leads. They are responsible for an increase in online conversions from signing-up newsletters to sales.

Note a few considerations to make a better pop-up form.

  • Offer something relevant and beneficial, so that their experience turns out to be useful rather than interrupting.
  • Take note of the time they spend on your website so that certain activities trigger them, also ensure that their session is exciting and natural.
  • Ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile and doesn’t ruin the mobile experience of the users.

Analyze the user experience properly, observe the response rate of your visitors, and review this data in analytics to be certain that pop-ups work for you or not.

Personalize your call-to-action

While using calls-to-action, ensure that you make it​ personal. For instance, if someone has already visited your page, you can use this information to be more interactive and personal with the visitor the next time they visit your website. You can test several customized call-to-action ideas to find out the one that works best for you.

Testing is crucial to success. The tips might not work for you unless they are vigorously tested to make sure that it is empowering. Determining what works for your situation is crucial so that you can convert more. Apart from capturing a high number of leads, its quality also matters. Number and quality are the two significant factors that are required to be taken into consideration, just like any other. Testing is the only way to know exactly what is working for you. Design your website in such a way so that you will have to work less and, at the same time, convert more.

The bottom line

A business depends on leads to grow substantially. However, the optimization of a website is crucial to create opportunities for leads. A well-functioning site attracts a large number of prospects to help to attain the goals of a business. Optimize your website so that the visitors can navigate smoothly through the purchase process. You can also consider using a few plug-ins and software to start capturing a good number of relevant leads. Modern-day marketers and smart business owners are using such cool tips and tricks to maximize conversions. Ensure using relevant landing pages specific to each campaign.