Every year, thousands of overseas students come to the United States to attend Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard University is one of the eight colleges that are a part of the Ivy League, meaning that not everyone gets admission to the college to study. So if you are among the selected from domestic locations or international locations to learn, consider yourself among the elite. Part of coming to a new country includes bringing your belongings, especially your car. You don’t want to be in Massachusetts without a means of travel. Lucky for you, there are professional transport companies that not only handle your belongings but auto shipping, too!

Shipping Your Car To Harvard University Is Easier Than You Think

The Harvard University campus is massive. As an international student coming to Harvard University, the administration has put together a Welcome Guide to living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and on campus. The Welcome Guide includes information about banking, cell phones, housing, and all the other information needed to make a smooth transition.

Bringing Your Car To Harvard University

The easiest way to bring your car to the United States from destinations overseas is by cargo ship to the Port of Boston. When you ship your vehicle, the hardest part is deciding which method to use. Do you opt for roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) transport or a shipping container? Everything else should be handled by your professional transport company – including customs. The link here has some great information on this topic.

RoRo is a cheaper form of vehicle shipping. Your car is driven onto the ship, then driven off the ship at the destination port. This method does leave your vehicle open and exposed to the elements and potential theft. It is recommended that you remove anything from the exterior of your car that can be easily removed to deter theft.

Although RoRo is cheaper for vehicle shipping only, if you have belongings you are bringing with you to Harvard University, a shipping container may be a more economical solution. With most international shipping companies, you can combine belongings and your car within your shipping container. Container shipping is done primarily on weight. As long as you are not transporting restricted items, you can combine them for one shipment.

The Port of Boston to Harvard University

If your shipping company has your container delivered through the Port of Boston, you can meet the company and your container for the customs process when it arrives. Your shipping company should help complete all the required declarations forms and anything else necessary for the export and import processes. Professionals make shipping overseas an easier process.

That is one nice thing about using professionals. They take the stress out of an international shipment. From the Port of Boston, it is an eight-minute drive to Harvard University. Upon entry, you need to be sure to get your entry pass. If you do not have an entry pass, you will not be able to drive Harvard Yard.

It should be noted that moving trucks longer than 15 feet and storage pods are not allowed in Harvard Yard. Most students shop at nearby stores for linens and other items for their dorm rooms. For most international students staying in the dorms, it is suggested that bringing the minimum will help you with your move-in process.

Most of your moving arrangements will be made before you ever make it to Harvard University. This will allow you to get yourself situated as soon as you check-in. If you choose to fly into Boston prior to your car and belongings arriving, you can still go from Harvard to the Port of Boston via taxi or subway. Either way, shipping your vehicle to Harvard University is a lot easier than most people think. You can enjoy your school year and drive using your own vehicle while away from home.