Michael Phelps, the most successful Olympian swimmer of history, added on Tuesday two more gold medals to his career, during his fifth Olympic Games in Rio. The American got his 20th gold in the 200m butterfly. 70 minutes later, the shark of Baltimore received his 21st Olympic gold medal.

He won the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay alongside Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer, and Townley Haas. With two gold medals in one night, the most emblematic Olympian winner of all times extended his reckon to a total of 21 Olympic gold medals. Phelps first swam on Tuesday night the 200-meter butterfly. He competed against the South African Chad Le Clos. With a time of 1.56.36, 4/100ths of a second, the American swimmer won in front of the Japanese, Masato Sakai.

Phelps gold medals
Phelps celebrates his 20th gold medal. Image credit: Clive Rose/Getty Images.

Le Clos, who seemed to be a challenging rival for Phelps, came in fourth during the race. Before the race began, the crowd expressed support to the American contender, by chanting his name.

In the 2012 Olympics in London, Phelps lost the 200m butterfly race by 5/100ths of a second, against Le Clos. The American probably forgot about such a bitter loss when he heard the crowd crying in unison “20! 20! 20!”

70 minutes after the 200m butterfly, Phelps swam the anchor leg of the 4x200m freestyle relay. He gave a spectacular demonstration of his skills with a score of 1:45.26. In the same night, Phelps defeated two Japan competitors with a difference of 1.76 seconds.

Tuesday night belonged to the American swimming team. Townley Haas, Conor Dwyer and the swimming legend, Ryan Lochte were alongside Phelps. England came in second with a silver medal, while Japan got bronze.

The 31-year-old swimmer redeemed himself in front of all doubts about his success during this year’s Olympics due to his advanced age.

Phelps has won three gold medals in Rio 2016. He obtained the first one on Sunday’s night at the 4×100 m freestyle relay. The American could still win another three medals. Phelp’s baby, Boomer, was among the crowd alongside members of the U.S.A. basketball team.

How many gold medals has Michael Phelps won?

When asked about the finals, Phelps expressed his excitement. He also referred to what means competing along with the South African contender, Le Clos.

Phelps gold medal
Michael Phelps’ 19th gold medal at Rio Olympics. Image credit: QZ.

“I’m obviously excited for the finals. It’s always fun getting in the water and racing him, he’s tough, he finished on me last time really well,” Phelps said about the upcoming final race.

Michael Phelps is considered an Olympic legend because of his Olympic records. During his professional career, he has won a total of 25 medals in Olympic Games: 21 gold, two silver, and two bronze. This year, the all-time leader seems to be in perfect shape to return home with six new gold medals.

Source: Yahoo Sports