DrinkBox Studios is about to launch Severed, their first-person action-fantasy RPG game. It will be released only on PlayStation Vita on April 26, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members.

The colorful adventure highlights for its visual and its great gameplay, which promise to keep gamers immersed in the game’s story for hours.

Drinkbox Studios to Launch Severed Exclusively on PlayStation Vita April 26th. Credit: All Games Delta

“Since its initial release we’ve always loved the PS Vita, and we’re proud to be launching our third PS Vita game,” said Graham Smith, Co-Founder of Drinkbox Studios. “We’ve spent the last two years making Severed into the best experience possible, and we really hope people enjoy the game when it arrives.”

Severed’s original soundtrack is already available for streaming and download. It’s composed by Yamantaka// Sonic Titan with special guests Pantayo.

The story of Severed

Sasha, the main character, is a warrior who lost her arm after that begins her journey to find the missing members of her family. As the warrior she is, Sasha uses a sword to attack and injury her enemies, so gamer’s success will depend, of course, on the swipe of their fingers across the touchscreen during the slashing combats. Sharp reflexes will be required in order to advance in the game.

Using the touchscreen, players must solve puzzles, find secrets and battle against horrible creatures. Player’s progress will be rewarded with new abilities and uncover mysteries.

Recently, there have been just a few games released on Play Station Vita. Freedom Wars was the last triple-A game, and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth was the most recent game that came close to being a triple A-game.

Source: Bidness ETC