Seniors who constantly struggle while opening bottles and cans will no longer need to call their children or grandchildren to assist them. The magic Opener Extreme is a new product designed to make arthritis patients’ lives easier and help them become more independent in the kitchen.

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect hands and feet, resulting in progressive damage and deformity of joints, which can lead patients to significantly lose their functional capabilities, according to Medscape. They tend to experience early morning stiffness that can last from 30 minutes to several hours or most of the day in the worst cases.

Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hands
Senior hands deformed and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis in visible pain.

This is why Pablo Corredor invented the Magic Opener Extreme. He spent years seeing close family members having a hard time when trying to open bottles or cans with their vulnerable hands, which encouraged him to create a highly effective assistive device that perfectly adjusts to all different beverage containers.

“Finally after so many years of testing and getting feedbacks from real people in need, the new and improved Magic Opener has risen to open so many different sizes of plastic tops as well as the regular aluminum cans and glass bottles”, says a statement by Corredor published in Magic Opener’s website.

Magic Opener Extreme

Because it is ergonomically designed, the Extreme magic Opener helps ease the pain while performing every opening task. People suffering from arthritis will experience how gentle and magically easy it feels in their hands.

All they have to do is to put the gadget on the bottle cap and twist. The magic Opener will grip and grab. With recesses to grab pop tabs and screw caps in different sizes, it works for small and large plastic and glass bottles, as well as for tab top cans.

magic Opener Extreme

The yellow must-have gadget has the shape of a bottle and comes with a magnetic top to easily stick up on the refrigerator door or other metal surfaces where the Magic Opener could come in handy. The idea is to have it literally at hand to ease the task of opening cans and bottles.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends using assistive devices to make kitchen tasks easier by helping keep joints in an adequate position for functioning. The Magic Opener is a gadget worth trying because it works and is considered as the easiest and most convenient way to open all types of beverage openers.

Those who have arthritis, weak wrist, limited hand strength or another hand-related condition can now avoid cut fingers and chipped nails since tricky pull tabs will not be a problem anymore.

The ease-to-use device can also be the perfect gift for anyone who wants to stop putting their hands and nails at risk by fighting with twist off bottles or pull tabs in stores. Its attractive design allows people can carry it to all places where it can come in handy such as parks, restaurants and beach parties.

If you want to give it a try the Magic Opener Extreme is available on the company’s website for $24.99. Use coupon code EXTREME20 to get 20% off.

Source: Magic Opener