Florida Senator Marco Rubio made a speech on Friday urging conservative Christian leaders to stop judging the LGBT community.

Marco Rubio proposed conservative Christian leaders to love LGBT community fellows instead of perpetuating judgmental messages about their behavior, at the Rediscovering God in America Renewal Project event in Orlando. The senator supported his speech with biblical scriptures that invite to love others as oneself. Rubio remarked that to love others, people need to express support, even when they have different convictions. Judgment has caused rejection of the LGBT community, according to the senator.

Marco Rubio
The so-called anti-gay conference took place during the two-month anniversary of the Orlando mass shooting that killed 49. Image credit: L.A. Times.

All the 700 pastors, as well speakers who took a parole during the conference, have expressed same-sex rejection. It is possible then to think that the audience was startled when Rubio began saying “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.”

Traditional marriage conception

During his speech of tolerance and inclusion, Rubio, who is running for reelection in his state, declared his traditional marriage conception. Such idea goes clearly against his main objective at the conference.

Marco Rubio
Rubio might have the intention of gaining support from LGBT people. Image credit: Crooksandliars.com

“I continue to support the traditional definition of marriage and I do so not because I seek to impose my views on others and not because I seek to discriminate against anyone. I support the traditional definition of marriage because I believe the union of one man and one woman is a special relationship with an extraordinary record of success of raising children into strong and successful people,” said Rubio.

With that statement, Rubio reaffirms an intolerance position of which he has been accused in the past. His support of man-woman marriage over other marriages contains a discriminatory idea of socio-religious values.

The senator, alongside Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, have been the target of condemning LGBT activists after they attended Orlando’s anti-LGBT religious conference.

There were over 700 evangelical pastors in the conference. Some of them are widely known for their opposition to LGTB values. Mr. Rubio described Christian anti-gay notions as a threat to faith and their commitment to the country.

Rubio might have the intention of gaining support from LGBT people while maintaining votes from the Christian anti-gay community. He reiterated his support to traditional marriages. This view could be seen as discriminatory by many. The LGBT community has previously condemned his position on the subject.

Source: Gay Times