Selecting the right glass for your guests should not be compromised. Your visitors have to feel appreciated and highly valued. That is why you ought to find the best quality glass and porcelain to grace your special occasions. There are different types of glasses with numerous styles in the market. You just have to choose what you require the glass for.

Selecting Quality Glassware for Your Home and Occasions

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They have unique and marvelous glasses such as Medusa Lumiere, which look brilliant and exquisite even from the packaging. Order their Rosenthal Arabesque, which includes high-quality champagne and water glasses.

Relevance of Glassware

Choosing the ideal glassware for your bar or table boosts the appearance of the presentation. High-quality glassware will also enhance your style and add glamor to ordinary entertainment and dining, which is usually overlooked. Forget the aesthetics for a while; specialized glassware is used to complement the drink.

Ensure you know the basics of beer, wine, and cocktail glasses to leave every drink enjoyed to the maximum. Here are the types of glassware:

Wine Glasses

Typically, wine glasses come in a wide range of different sizes. However, what is most important in these glasses is the bowl that holds the wine. The body and visual appeal of the glass are also factors you want to look at when choosing which glass should be for which wine. Serving wine, however, does not have rules to be followed, but here is the norm:

  • White wine – white wine glasses may vary in size and shape. It is lighter and delicate. White wine will be served in long slender glasses for the audience to concentrate on the event.
  • Red wine – typically, red wines will be served in larger bowled glasses if it is an intense bouquet. The extensive exposed surface is to allow for breathing without having to lose the wines’ aroma.
  • Sherry/Port – these are strong wine hybrids served post or pre-dinner aperitifs. These hybrid wines will be served in small glasses. Port and Sherry are to be sipped, which means the size of the glass dictates the serving amount.

Glasses for Daily Use

These are the simple and ordinary glasses used at home. The glasses are low end regarding their cost of replacement and their initial price. In as much as people term them as low-quality glasses, Versace Rosenthal from SCOPELLITI 1887 will offer you high-quality daily use glasses for your home use. These glasses include short and tall glasses that can be used for milk or juice.


This is a broad category of glasses that consist of a stem between the foot of the glass and the bowl. Usually, these are the wine glasses and will be used when taking wine with meals. These glasses are expensive as expected with high-quality products from Versace Rosenthal, but they are very decorative.

These glasses will make all the distinction to what you drink and will elevate your event, showcasing your elegance.


Barware glasses are crucial to everyone’s drinking experience. They occur in different dimensions, from the elegant ones to the formal pieces. Barware adds a lot of glamor and feeling to an event. Typically, there is a strong bond between the beverage served and the glass used. However, with barware, you will notice that the higher the alcohol content, the smaller the glass and vice versa.

Cocktail Glasses

Mixed drinks and cocktail concoctions appear in a wide variety. Here are the glasses that grace them:

  • Highball Glasses

These glasses are about 10-12 ounces and are used for strong mixed drinks like gin, tequila sunrise, and tonic. These glasses are elegant and thin, offering a classy taste to any occasion.

  • Collins Glasses

They are also called tumblers, and they are around 14-16 oz. These glasses are ideal for soft drinks like Bloody Mary’s and whiskey sours or vodka and cranberry juice. Having large sizes mean the alcohol amount in these drinks is relatively low. The majority of the standard drinking glasses can be classified under Collins glasses.

  • Rocks glasses

These glasses are regarded as old-fashioned. They are square-shaped and tiny in size. Rocks glasses are usually used for high alcohol content drinks such as coke and rum, seven and seven, and southern comfort.

  • Hurricane Glasses

It is a glass that bears a graceful curve at its heart. Hurricane glasses were meant to serve hurricane drinks, margaritas, and daiquiris. It has an appealing shape and looks very pleasing to the eye.

For the best quality glassware for your home and porcelain, look for Versace Rosenthal from SCOPELLITI 1887. Bring elegance and glamor to your home via these wondrous and luxurious products. There are also different types of glassware for specific kinds of drinks, as discussed above.